Why no memorials for the prophets?

I’m a bit curious as to why there are not memorials for the prophets and other old testament figures. I think tradition does hold that they enjoy God in Heaven, so why isn’t there a feast day for Moses, or Elijah?

Elijah’s feast day is the 20th July.

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The Feast of Adam and Eve is Dec 24th.

The Martyrologium mentions the Old Testament Saints, but usually they are not commemorated in the Liturgy, with the exception of the Maccabee martyrs. ()8-01)

I do not know the reason. Probably no one pushed their special veneration or later canonization.

I never had accessn to pre-1570 Calendar, it is possible that St Pius V cleaned them out from the Calendar.

In the good old times they were remembered in the homilies, e.g. Isaias in Advent time, when his book is read, Jeremias in Passion time, Abraham on Quinquagesima etc

I would appreciate if someone could point to a link for pre 1570 Calendar

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