Why no more altar stones?


I understand they are no longer in use. All the site gave was “They were abolished after the Second Vatican Council.”


No, this is untrue. Altar stones are still in use. It is no longer **required **that Mass be said at a stone altar, but it is still the norm.


No they were not abolished after Vatican II. I have also heard people say they were required to be removed after Vatican II. Like the Altar Relics were. Right!

Can. 1237~1 Fixed altars are to be dedicated, movable ones either
dedicated or blessed, according to the rites prescribed in the
liturgical books.
~**2 The ancient tradition of placing relics of Martyrs or of other **
Saints within a fixed altar is to be retained, in accordance with the
rites prescribed in the liturgical books.


The letter of Vatican II didnt remove the Altar stones the relics, but if we want to follow the spirit of Vatican II we must distance ourselves from the superstition and oppression that was the pre-Vatican II Church as much as possible. We have to think about our protestant brethren after all- how would they feel about such superstitions and crazy rituals?

Am I right? :rolleyes:


Careful… sarcasm, no matter how obvious, often doesn’t transmit very well in text. Especially on the internet. :rolleyes:


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