Why no outrage about anti-Catholic SNL Weekend Update?

Why is there no outrage about blatantly anti-Catholic Weekend Update on SNL from 2/18? Amy Poehler (who was a guest) and Seth Myers both took turns bashing the Church in their “Really?!!” segment. The Catholic League, in particular, is curiously silent on the matter.

Next time Catholic League manufactures another “controversy” about a stupid Jay Leno joke, I’ll be sure to remind everyone about the anti-Catholic Weekend Update on SNL from 02/18.


The Catholic League usually has a good record. There’s just too much anti-Catholicism to go around. It is after all in the common parlance, the last acceptable prejudice. I wrote a paper about anti-Catholicism and it is absolutely endemic.

I haven’t seen this rant yet, but the Catholic League is still my go-to organization, even though I sometimes criticize Bill Donahue for his caustic, exasperated style. I think it sometimes does not endear people to our cause. But on the whole, I think he’s a good man, and a stern rebuke is sometimes the best remedy.

The SNL skit mentions the Catholic church by name. BY NAME. And they proceed to rip on the church. I’m just amazed there’s no outrage whatsoever. Not even from Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who was there on a skit. Yet, there’s still considerable “outrage” over a stupid Grammy number very few people saw, compared to a very popular late-night television that is still viewed by a lot of people on a regular basis. I just don’t get it… :frowning:

Could it be because no one watches SNL anymore? :shrug:

SNL is a satirical show. It exists to make fun of people, groups, society. They get everybody sooner or later… I’m not saying I approve of this sketch, I just can see why The Catholic League wouldn’t bother.

Okay. I watched the skit and I saw the one joke about Catholics and I didn’t even get it. They just reiterated the statement that’s been going around the past so many weeks that supposedly 98% of Catholic women have used birth control before. They haven’t done anything that the evening news hasn’t done. I don’t know. I guess it just didn’t rock my world enough to constitute “outrage”. Perhaps I’m outraged-out.

:smiley: That’s what I was going to say. :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly I’ve never, ever liked SNL. I’ve never found their odd sense of humour funny, partly because I don’t know about American politics, and partly because it’s just not funny. Where I live it comes on at 1:30am, and I’ve only seen it while flipping through the channels when unable to sleep. But, I am NOT surprised at all that those people have decided to mock us. Oh well, I don’t worry about it, they have a cruel sense of humour.


I watched it again (I saw it Saturday but wasn’t paying close attention). Really, it isn’t making fun of the Church so much as it makes fun of the fact that most Catholics don’t adhere to Church teaching on ABC.

Perhaps it is because bashing the Catholic Church and Christianity is the last acceptable bigotry in America.

I was going to say the same thing. It’s just not funny anymore, besides being absolutely tasteless.

As others have already stated, I quit watching it years ago. It just isn’t funny.



Cause it was funny and true!!!


If outrage is your reaction to this, what is left when someone calls your Church ‘The Whore of Babylon’, or says the Pope is the anti-Christ, or actually does something to you because you are a Catholic?

Believe me, I feel your pain, I’m moved by it, as someone who experiences it on a regular basis. I feel personally attacked when the Church is assaulted by secular media…I don’t wish ill on the attackers any more than Christ did, or at least, I try not to, the only thing we can do, is correct the record as much as we are able, and to pray that the Church may be delivered from these profanations.

As someone who loves Bill O’Reilly I’ve been criticizing O’Reilly off and on because, as a Catholic, he is occasionally permissive of sins that should merit his absolute disgust as a Catholic. About 2 nights ago he talked about how Santorum, for the sake of political expediency, should abandon his principled stand on social issues. I actually find it refreshing, since so many Catholic politicians feel they have license to professionally contradict Catholic teachings. I agree that it’s probably shrewd advice, but Santorum’s stand is uncommonly courageous for a politician, especially a Catholic one.

Really? It’s comedy. The whole point of it is to make fun of everything and everyone. What do you expect? :confused:

If we look at this through God’s eyes the real tragedy isn’t that people are insulting Him or His church. He can take it and did during His passion when people we’re spitting on Him and mocking Him. His reaction was to forgive them and then die on the cross for them.

The real tragedy is that so many have come to the point where they are joining the crowd and risking eternal damination as their hearts grow harder.

SNL is also a showcase for musical artists that don’t get played on the radio in most major cities - in a lot of cases, make or break. Just ask Lana Del Rey. Or Sinead O’Connor. Lindsay Lohan’s return to the public eye, not to mention the first solo appearance by Jack White from the White Stripes, will be on SNL. So, I don’t believe for a moment that nobody watches it anymore, because that’s simply not true. I’m still in disbelief that there’s no outrage about anti-Catholic bigotry until someone of greater import than myself officially declares it an “outrage” - like an insipid Grammy number very few people saw - and if Whitney Houston hadn’t died, would anybody have even known the Grammys were on? I don’t think so. I just don’t understand the apparent selectivity as to which anti-Catholic offenses rise to the level of outrage and which are ignored: I really wish I knew the rationale. :shrug:

My husband and I love SNL. At the moment, the funniest cast in years is featured each week. Bill Hader is amazing, as is Andy Samburg and Jason Sedakis. We don’t care much for Kristin Whig.

We have watched the show faithfully for at least 20 years. Before then, we didn’t watch it. In spite of all the sighs and longing for the early days of the show, my husband and I (we were college kids and dating at the time) felt that the early days glorified drugs, and so we didn’t watch much of it.

And when our children were small, we didn’t watch much of it. This was in the pre-VCR days, which hasn’t been that long ago, and the last thing we wanted to do when we had small children was lose sleep watching TV.

But once VCR technology came around, we started taping the show and watching it after our children were in bed.

I’m going into this much detali so that it is obvious that my husband and I watch the show faithfully, not just once in a while when we know who the guest host is.

We have found over the years that SNL consistently present THE MOST CONSERVATIVE world-view of any television.

We have also seen that SNL is the ONLY show that consistently recognizes, in a respectful way, the major Christian holidays (Christmas and Easter) as CHRISTIAN holidays. Often the show will present skits in which Jesus is prominent, and in a respectful way.

Other shows, with only a few exceptions, utterly ignore religion and Christianity, and never mention Jesus. (The exceptions are Family Matters (the one with Steve Urkel), The Simpsons, and The Unit.)

I agree with others that SNL is a satire show, and is not likely to come under criticism by Catholic League because 1) they are supposed to make fun of things and 2) they make up for any insults to the Catholic Church by being the SOLE SHOW to present respectful skits about Jesus and Christianity.

We need to be careful not to attack our “friends.” This show has consistently kept Christianity alive to 14-year olds. Let’s not leap on them because of one mess-up in a skit.

I wish I had the time to do a study of SNL’s “religious skits” over the years. I think people would be shocked at just how respectful the show is.

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