Why no people's Communion at TLM requiem Masses?

All the Requiem Masses I have ever been to in my life have been in the Tridentine Rite. There was “people’e Communion” at every one of them.

It is my understanding and I could be wrong, that Communion for the people is not a mandate at any Mass.

I have attended Mass where the poor priest was rather ill, he offered Mass with no communion for the congregation. he fulfilled his obligation for offering daily Mass but …

That is correct. Only the priest needs to consume part of the sacrifice in order for it to be valid.

If communion is not offered (or even if it is but we are not properly disposed,) we should recite a Spiritual Communion, encouraged strongly by the Council of Trent.

Does anyone have a favorite SC he/she wishes to share? I’d like to make a list for myself.

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