Why North Korea May Have Used VX to Kill Leader's Half Brother



Possible use of binary VX.



Job vacancies.


Officially, only a vague, as it should be, description of VX exists. And I doubt it’s on the black market. A much simpler agent would be simpler. I regard this report as hearsay.



Not really… there are more detailed descriptions of VX, for instance this video (which completely cooincidentally, I was watching just minutes ago :eek: ) youtube.com/watch?v=62fPW-5TR-M, that gives a pretty good rundown for the layman as to what this nasty substance is and how it works in the body.

They also touch on binary VX in this video – youtube.com/watch?v=n7uJoi8DXiA which does render the idea that these women were carrying around a binary version of it far-fetched – basically, you have to take a cocktail of carbon, oxygen, phosphorous and nitrogen, and introduce at fairly high temperatures elemental sulfur, taking the heretofore benign precursors and turning it into VX.


With two assassins, each would have one of the binary components on her hands.

One assassin would rub one component on the target’s face.

The other assassin would rub the other component on the target’s face.

The two components would not combine until both components came together, on the victim’s face.

There would be a danger that the second assassin might end up with both components on her hands. So she would give herself atropine or some similar protective chemical injection.

[In fact, one of the assassins did exhibit symptoms of exposure to atropine.]


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