Why not a separate Theology forum?

Why not have a separate Theology forum (distinct from the Philosophy forum)? And why not change the Moral Theology forum into simply a Morality forum?

Yes, there are philosophical questions about God. But many questions on the Philosophy forum are not “philosophical” in any sense of the word.

(I know, I know … I’m using “forum” loosely; it may be “sub-forum” )

Agreed. Moral theology is simply a sub-discipline of theology even as moral philosophy is a sub-discipline of philosophy. Actually, one could argue that theology is even a sub-discipline of philosophy. (Philosophical theology is a sub-discipline of both philosophy and theology.)

Moral philosophy and “natural” theology (i.e., theology based on reason, not revelation) are appropriate topics for the Philosophy forum.

But what we have now on this forum are a lot of questions that are not really “philosophical” by any stretch of the imagination.

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