Why not allergen free wafers? Revisited.

During Lutheran communion, allergen free wafers are offered. To me, this makes sense – given consubstantiation.

Are allergen free elements offered as part of the Catholic Holy Communion sacrament?
If so, why – given transubstantiation?

Dear friend,

Since the Lord only used wheat bread for the Eucharist, the Catholic Church does not consider that it has the authority to alter what the Lord, Himself, established. So it contends that altar bread must be made of wheat flour for the validity of the consecration. Rice flour or any other substitute will not do. All the so called allergen-free altar breads (We don’t call them wafers) are not made from wheat flour. So Catholics cannot use them. Now they may receive from the chalice instead. But at present, that is the only alternative.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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