Why not? Constantine. Saint Joan of Arc


Why Isn’t Constantine a Saint? As holy as Saint Joan of Arc was, as great her deeds, as heroic as she was, as much as I love her,
…even SHE did not do so great a thing for Christianity as Constantine!

Why isn’t Saint Joan of Arc a martyr? Why was she removed from the Church calendar? Can she be reinstated? How to go about advocating?

Why is Communion not offered by intinction?


Regarding Constantine, please see the past discussion thread here.

Regarding Joan of Arc, she wasn’t killed in hatred of the Catholic faith, but rather was killed as a purported heretic by the Catholic faithful. So technically, she’s not a martyr.

She was removed from the general calendar along with a lot of other European medieval saints to make room for new saints who came from more modern times and places other than Europe. However, her feast is still celebrated in France and in some other places, so I’m not sure what the point is of advocating since local bishops are free to celebrate her feast.

I would suggest you start a new thread in “Liturgy and Sacraments” about the intinction question, as that doesn’t really belong in Spirituality section, nor does it have anything to do with Constantine or Joan of Arc.


Hello. Sorry about the misplaced intinction question. Will read the Constantine thread. However, regarding Saint Joan of Arc, I don’t live in France. I think she deserves a worldwide feast day. My humble opinion. Not to start a fight. …I guess I should write our Bishop then? I may be a lone voice crying in the wilderness, but I owe it to her. As far as her martyrdom it apparently is technically true that she is not. It seems so strange, though. Of all the martyrs that one can think of (excluding Jesus who is God) she would seem to be #1. Yet she is not.


You can write your Bishop about anything you like. It doesn’t mean he’ll do anything about it, but you’re free to express yourself to him.

You are also free to venerate St. Joan of Arc any time you like including on her feast day. Even if your church is not celebrating it at Mass, you can still go to Mass yourself, say extra prayers or a novena to St. Joan of Arc, and read her feast day collect to yourself.


Yes. I will do some of those things. The Bishop will not do anything but could. I guess he will get a (polite) letter. It just seems she should be recognized for the great Saint she was/is. Wonder if I am alone in those feelings?


I think I may write Pope Francis as well. He is probably the last one to be interested in such a thing but might as well take it to the limit! Ha! At least Pope Benedict spoke well and fondly of Joan.


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