Why not do sin all your life and confess on your deathbed

Yes, you can just trick God with this legal approach to sin. How could such a Confession be sincere? What if death came suddenly? Why would you desire to be evil instead of conforming yourself to the good? God sees through all that. God asks for repentance and conversion, not legalistic action.

I would say, grace is always there and available from God, and He never forces us to accept it. We otoh have to freely accept it and act on it. And THERE is where the problem is.

Read the parable of the wise and foolish virgins. Most of us don’t have a deathbed to repent on. Death comes upon us unexpectedly.

Who says you’ll have time to confess on you death bed. That’s like telling your spouse oh I’ll go out with other people our whole marriage but you know in the end when we are old &dying it’s you I always loved . NOPE not gonna work.


Jesus the one who judges all, and looking forward in time, gave the following answer. few are saved

That ought to scare the hell out of everyone. But it obviously doesn’t.

What makes you so sure you will have a deathbed? Human beings die suddenly and unexpectedly all the time. Road wrecks, head aneurysms and, increasingly, random violence, don’t leave much time for classical near-death repentance.

Even if you do end up lying in a deathbed, you don’t know that you will then have presence of mind to repent of your sins. In the grip of death, you may have no mind left at all.


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Wait until the day before your death to be baptized .
But wait…how do you know the date of your death?

Ultimately our relationship with God should be at the point where we don’t want to sin, not because we get punished but because we would rather do what makes God happy.

The positive action is growing in virtue to get closer to God. The negative action is not sinning so we aren’t punished. Yes we shouldn’t sin so we don’t get punished but that shouldn’t be the reason why we don’t want to sin. We shouldn’t want to sin because God doesn’t want us to.

God is greater than any possible short-term gratification or pleasure that a lifestyle of sin could bring.

He who tries to fool God, only fools themselves.


People die unexpectedly all the time. So you cannot time your hour of death.
Besides, God knows the heart. You cannot trick God. Sin enslaves us. Grace frees us.


Because God knows what’s in the heart of every human. I don’t think He’s too fond of cheaters.
There’s this heresy that God wouldn’t know. They’ll be in for a surprise.


Summed up perfectly.

Very well said! :wink:

Belief that our moral code is the most suited for a happy and blessed life.

Also love for God and neighbor. I don’t want to leave a trail of wounded people in my wake.

(Not that I don’t have plenty of selfishness, but that’s a story for another day)

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No, Constantine did not convert on his deathbed.
He converted after he attributed his success in battle on a sign he got from the Lord and the cross.
Constantine made Christianity a legal religion in the empire. Many people think he made it the official religion but that was actually Theodosius about 60 years later. Constantine was an interesting emperor. He did convert to Christianity, he did want to know what it taught in an age when many heresies were floating around. This led to the Council of Nicaea.
However he never fully grasped Christianity. I’m not sure if it was he was indifferent or what but even though he was baptized he still worshipped the Roman gods.
He may have confessed that on his deathbed but I’m not sure and any claim he did is kind of spurious.


The reason I’m here, and you’re here, is to work with Christ every day for the salvation of the world. I am in the game. I have team mates. We have offensive strategies, defensive strategies. Players get injured and taken off the field and someone new comes in. I’ve got a bloody lip and a few bruises but we’re looking to gain ground. I’m plugged in.

I am not going to miss a day of it!

One day the Coach will call me off the field I will take my place in the stands and watch. That’s not today.

When the end of my life comes, Christ will say, Well done. You played hard. You were a game changer. He’s not going to say I saw you listening to music and playing games on your device, sitting on the side, not paying any attention to the game right in front of you. We called for you and you didn’t respond. We came to you and grabbed your shoulder and said We need you! and you pushed us away. I don’t want to be that guy. That’s the guy who says that I’ll join the team in the last moment, and then I’ll go celebrate with them. That’s not going to happen.

Not to mention, if you sin all life and then confess, the confession must be genuine and a lifetime of sin, especially if it’s mortal might desensitize you to it so being genuinely sorry might be difficult.

But for the sake of argument and we say the confession was genuine, there would still be a ton of temporal damage from the lifetime of sin that would need to be fixed and so purgatory would most likely be the location to work off these damages. So the question is, is it worth spending perhaps a long long time in purgatory simply because you wanted to indulge in pleasure?

I wound´t want to abuse God´s great mercy. Also, I know God loves me and finds joy in me, and I love Him. Why would I want to do something to hurt the one that loves me more than anyone else? I do sin, and I hurt Him, but I wouldn´t want to sin anymore than I already do. That´s why I keep going back to Confession. I want to receive God´s mercy as I love Him and He loves me.

Love of God. The Christian life is all about growing in love of God. The more we love God the more we want to avoid sin.

Because you know neither the day nor the hour. What if your deathbed is under the wheel of a city bus?

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