Why not go to church anymore?


One of my student asked me a question but I did not give him an accurate answer because I do not know how to answer it.

This is the question that my student asked me: “Why do teenagers no longer go to church every sunday? I go to church with my mother, but my brother does not.”

I need an advice and answer for this issue. Thank you for your help.

God Bless


I’m not sure how old you student is, but I would start off by saying this is not true. There are many teens that go to Mass on Sunday. I have teen cousins that do (some are even altar servers), there are plenty of teens that go to Mass in my parish, when I was a teen less than 10 yrs ago I always went, as did my siblings.

Now, in some families after the child is older and able to stay at home alone (a teen), parents may let them choose whether or not they want to go to Mass, and unfortunately, some may choose not to go. This is not good for them, but they still choose it.

This does not mean that once you are a teen you should stop going, in fact, once you are a teen you should continue to go, more so than if you were a young child, since you have an obligation that a young child does not have. Maybe it would help to learn more about Mass and see how lucky we are to have it and be invited to this feast with God.


I think your student’s question assumes something that is not true. There are teenagers who go to church on Sunday. I am a teen, and I go to church. Also I have friends my age who attend church regularly.

However, if your student is really asking “why aren’t there MORE teenagers who go to church on Sunday?”, I think the answer can best be explained by Bill Oreilly on the Oreilly Factor in that secular progressives are taking over the media and schools - two places that have a lot of influence over kids my age.

And I think the catholic church has been criticized in the media over the sex abuse scandals which has turned many teens and even parents away from the church.


Not ALL teens go to church on Sunday, just as not ALL adults do. Ain’t it a shame though?


Many teens go to church every Sunday, including my 17 year old son. He goes when we are out of town - he is a practicing Catholic.

I would challange that teen to ask her brother why he has stopped practicing his Faith, and why the parents allow a teen to skip church.


Send him to my parish… it seems like it is all teens… I am not complaining, in fact, I love it. But just once I would like to make it out to the car after mass without my teens making plans and asking for permission, or even not be one of the last cars left in the parking lot… but if that is the worst I have to complain about…well really I have no complaint at all. :smiley:


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