Why not more exorcisms?

If Satan or demons can “possess” a person to the point of requiring exorcism, why does this not occur much more frequently? I would think demons would take every opportunity to possess people in their battle with God. If God somehow restricts the frequency of these possessions then why not restrict them to zero?

Aren’t there enough people, who with free will do “what is evil in the eyes of the Lord”? They are already in Satan´s hands and do his works.


God does restrict these things, so if he allows possession to happen then he must have a good reason. All God does is good and for our own good. An exorcist said it takes 10 months to 2yrs to get a demon out these days, by the way. It does happen but it fortunately rare, I think we should be grateful it’s rare and not ask why it’s not more common. Besides there are other issues just as serious, like oppression and temptation which do happen daily. We should keep in a state of grace, partake of the sacraments and pray and trust in God. Oh and thank him for keeping us from harm each and every moment. It’s not our place to question him, he is God, he does what is good and righteous. Always.

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How do you know this?

That is not the same as possession.

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I’ve wondered this too.

I’m going to have to refer you to Exorcist Father Ripperger and why God permits some to go through possession as a part of their spiritual warfare and not others:

There is just always one thing to remember. God is always in control. God will never give you a trial that He knows you will not be able to handle.


Maybe because the world has abandoned God so much that why bother. We have legalized the genocide of millions and millions of babies!!

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The way I’ve always heard it said, from a Catholic perspective, is that, if you’re baptized, then the devil is unable to possess you unless you do something to invite such a possession (i.e., ouija, seances, etc, etc).

So, when it happens, it’s because someone has taken some action to open the door to it (knowingly or unknowingly).

Besides which, as C.S. Lewis posits in his Screwtape Letters, the less that people think the devil is a real threat, the less they’ll worry about ending up in his grasp:

Too many possessions visible as such, and people would be running for help in droves. A sprinkling here and there seem like nothing more than fodder for TV specials or, perhaps, an opportunity to muse on how psychological disorders mask as ‘demonic possession’. :thinking:


So if you don’t believe in the devil, then it is unable to possess you. :slight_smile: Good news! Because games, like “Ouija” and seances are NOT invitations to anything. What about those who believe in extrasensory perception, telekinesis, poltergeists, ghosts and other new age nonsense… are they in “danger”?

I seriously think we need one over our entire country (U.S.A.)


No. If you’re baptized, you’re safe (unless you take an action to reach out to the devil). If you’re not baptized… well, I’ll pray for you. :wink:

(Your “if I don’t believe in the devil, then I’m safe” sounds a lot like “if I don’t believe a car is barreling down the road at me, then it’s unable to hit me.” Good luck with that one… :man_shrugging:)


Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but do you seriously want to invoke a demon?

They can’t decide to enter a person at will but a person can open themselves up to possession or oppression.
In Job, the demon has to ask God’s permission to do anything to Job and even then, there are restrictions.

If demons were posessing people left, right and centre, it would alert more temporal-minded people to the reality of the spirit world. Making people aware is not the goal of the demon…more people may be saved.


HOW does one “open” oneself to something that they do not believe in? This question goes unanswered. Why?

Out of charity, we don’t want you doing anything dumb


Okey dokey

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10 months to 2 years? That’s horrifying. How does the poor person live their life for 2 years with an evil entity literally inside them? Are they typically locked away somewhere for that entire period??

Don’t believe some of the nonsense posted here.


what are you basing your less or more on

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