'Why not Texit?': Texas nationalists look to the Brexit vote for inspiration


I find this rather amusing…see link for full article:


‘**Why not Texit?’: Texas nationalists look to the Brexit vote for inspiration

How closely is Daniel Miller tracking the news ahead of the referendum about whether Britain should leave the European Union? “Hourly!” he grins. The Sun’s recent editorial calling for the UK’s departure got him quite excited.

Miller, though, is not from London or Liverpool. He hails from Longview, Texas, and we are talking in a cafe in the bleakly industrial Gulf coast town of Port Arthur, some 5,000 miles from Westminster.

Culturally, too, we are a long way from Europe. Heck, we are even a long way from Dallas. But the referendum matters deeply to Miller and like-minded Texans.** As the president of the Texas Nationalist Movement, which wants Texas to secede from the United States, he is hoping for a Leave vote that he believes will ripple all the way from Austria to Austin.

There are a lot of people asking, if Brexit why not Texit?” he says. “I do talk with some folks over there on a pretty regular basis that are involved in Ukip and the Conservative party.”

The night before we met, Miller addressed a local Tea Party group, drawing parallels between Brexit and Texit, which the TNM is pushing as a hashtag. In Miller’s telling, Britain’s relationship with Europe was a marriage of convenience between ill-suited partners that has become stormy and ripe for divorce on grounds of irreconcilable differences, with too much sovereignty ceded to an ineffective central bureaucracy and too much hard-earned money sent elsewhere.

“Sound familiar?” he asked the audience. “Nigel Farage, you guys ever heard of him? Look him up on YouTube – trust me, you will enjoy.”

Added to the near-miss of Scottish independence in 2014, a vote for Brexit on 23 June, Miller tells me, “only helps our case because there is a concrete first world example of a modern democracy having a legitimate and public debate where the people of a country, not the political class, get to vote on how they govern themselves and that will resonate not just through Europe but here as well”.

The arguments are fundamentally identical, he insists. “You could take ‘Britain’ out and replace it with ‘Texas’. You could take ‘EU’ out and replace it with ‘US’. You could take ‘Brussels’ out and replace it with ‘Washington DC’. You could give you guys a nice Texas drawl and no one would know any different. So much of it is exactly the same.”


I think this myth of Texas’ right to secession is tied up with the culture and self-identity of many Texans. It has been a persistent myth, often alluded to in a joking manner. But it is a myth, no more real than the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus, despite the fervent belief of some.

Governor of Texas Rick Perry (now former governor) stepped into the mess a few years ago:

Perry’s comments suggest the deal was part of the Joint Resolution for Annexing Texas to the United States, which was approved March 1, 1845. But the document neither talks about nor conveys any such right to secede.

“That’s a myth and not based on any historical reality,” said Walter L. Buenger, a professor of history at Texas A&M University and author of the book “Secession and the Union in Texas,” in an interview with FactCheck.org.

And then there’s the matter of the Civil War.

“Among scholars, the consensus is that the Civil War settled all these issues," Harvey Tucker, professor in the political science department at Texas A&M, told us. "Texas does not have the right to secede.”

Buenger also pointed to a Supreme Court case in 1869, Texas v. White, in which the court ruled that unilateral secession by any state was unconstitutional.

“On all counts, this is a total fabrication,” Buenger said. “And it reflects poorly on our state that our governor would insist on this.”


The 1845 document does mention the possibility of dividing Texas into as many as five states, but that isn’t the same as secession.


As long as it doesn’t start having to do with flags.


Separatism is lunacy.

But since human beings are all somewhat insane, it was a matter of time before this dusty old non-cause would again raise its head.



Would we have to build a fence?:hmmm:


If secession did happen, (it cannot) we **already **have a flag.



port arthur, some 5,000 miles from westminster.

Culturally, too, we are a long way from europe. Heck, we are even a long way from dallas.




How closely is Daniel Miller tracking the news ahead of the referendum about whether Britain should leave the European Union? “Hourly!” he grins. The Sun’s recent editorial calling for the UK’s departure got him quite excited.

I wonder whether that guy even has a job. :smiley:


Naaah, take a tip from old Fidel and just plant cactus along the 2000-mile border. Cactus Curtain 2.0!



Viva the Texas Republic!


I think Texas would be the one building it. Considering the bailouts of California, Illinois and Puerto Rico will be coming soon, who could blame Texas for leaving? Their economy is growing. They would win a war against 3/4 of the world. The US needs Texas more than Texas needs the US.


Might be a good idea if Hillary Clinton is elected President.


Actually it can, it just requires a vote in favor by Congress. It is simply the reverse of the process used for a State to gain admission.


What would be served by Texas seceding from the United States?


California has stabilised the economy and has run surpluses in the billions for multiple years running; a bailout won’t be necessary for California.


Nothing; it’s just the spread of the separatist lunacy making the rounds in the British Isles.

If it occurred, the former Americans, now 2nd Texians, would be vastly disappointed to find that their low-tax way of life would be at an end, having to absorb the whole cost of nationhood instead of only 1/10. Oh, and having to replace the US$ with a rapidly-inflating Texas Peso.



Sort of. While there has been a budget surplus for the last two years, the California State Constitution allows the government to run a debt.

That current debt is about $630 Billion in State government alone (mostly in unfunded pension liabilities that it neglected to pay when it was running a deficit).

Combined with municipal, it is approaching $1T in outstanding debt.


Why is Separatism lunacy?

I believe the time has come for the states to call an Article 5 CCC. create an amendment giving any state the right to leave the union. Why should Texas or any other state be forced to remain a part of the union if it doesnt want to be?


By this math Texas is also hundreds of billions of dollars in debt.

It is about as accurate as telling a 20 year old he is two million dollars in debt from unfunded retirement liabilities.


The last thing the human world needs IMNAAHO is any more sovereignties. There needs to be a quarantine on nationalism not a surrender to it.


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