Why not to get into an intellectual debate with the devil during an exorcism

It has been told that during an exorcism, the priest SHOULD NOT try to get into an intellectual debate with the devil, since his intellect far surpasses ours. The priest will lose.

That’s creepy.

Does that mean the devil’s arguments against the faith make more sense and are more reasonable than the teachings of Christ and the Church?

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It would be pride to argue with devil when you can exercise faith.


If you listen to any of the exorcists who are on youtube, they say demons are legalists and will lie

That being said it is the Exorcists job to rid the person of the demons, by allowing Christ to do His work through them.


Because the devil, as demonstrated, can use his intellect to twist and deceive, and his ability to do so is far more superior to ours.

All he needs to do is to plant a seed of doubt, and the priest’s exorcism will fail. This is why the priest is not to engage with the devil but to assert his God-given authority to silence the demon and bind him.


The Devil mixes the truth with lies, so he can confuse.


Those who cower in fear of the devil would not be commissioned by the Bishop as exorcists in the first place.


Prolly it’s a case where the devil figures out where your wounds and weaknesses are and takes advantage of it.


This is a lot how New Age works.


Sometimes i wonder why there is resistance and struggle in an exorcism , or the need for the intercession of saints when Gods power is like 9999999999x99999999 hydrogen bombs of love. He ( God) could just wink and set all things right since permission is granted by him too.

How is that determined? Bringing in a jury?

Best to pray in Latin. From what I’ve read it’ll cause demons to react stronger in minutes of praying in Latin than hours of praying in English. Reason being that the Crucifix soaked in Christ’s blood bore inscriptions in Hebrew, Greek & Latin.

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The point of a exorcism is to order the demon to leave in the name of Christ, not to debate him.


Yes! I was misled down this path. The devil misuses Gods created things and adds a twist to tear the faithful away

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There is no point in trying to debate the devil. The devil has to be cast out. There is no need to try to prove your point to the devil.

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I’d say it’s even more symbolic. Latin was the language of a bloodthirsty, soulless, depraved society which was purified and became the language of God’s victory. Latin is the language of triumph of the Divine. It’s everything they hate.


It is interesting to listen to why the diabolical affects people and some of the reasons God allows it. We must remember God allows it. So God has his reasons.

There is the famous case of exorcism of a woman who became a saint, or her cause is open still. She was cleaned up of demons in an exorcism series, but Our Lady appeared to her later and asked if she would agree to be re infested with demons for the sake of penance and sanctity. She agreed.

An amazing story of an amazing and very holy woman.


I see possessions as a form of chastisement instead of punishments too. Perhaps both our posts hold similar views

Was the saint Emily Rose?

It is NOT because of the devil’s superior power. It is because the priest would be grossly lowering and weakening his resolve by entering into such an absolutely meaningless dialog.

Do we dialog with cancer?


We nuke it. Cancer is not reasonable. Neither is the devil.


I cannot remember her name, Is Emily Rose a saint that sounds familiar

Don’t go there man, don’t go there. Try to know Christ and stay with the mystery of God and his goodness.

No however, demons are still intellectually superior to us and rest assured nobody is better to deceive people than Satan.

“You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8:44

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