Why Nova Vulgata?

I was just curious why the Church thought it was necessary to issue a new Vulgate, when the Clementina Vulgata had worked just fine from 1592-1979?
I am disappointed in the Nova Vulgata franky. It does not use the Psalterium Gallicanum, as did the majority of the early editions of Vulgate.
Also it omits the appendix with the apocrypha of the Prayer of Manasseh, 3 Esdras, and 4 Esdras. Interestingly however the Nova Vulgata includes an appendix which explains why the three texts are there from the original Clementine Vulgate yet they are not included in the Nova Vulgate!
The language seems to depart so much from the Vulgate of Jerome, honestly.

St. Pope John Paul II said, in 1979, it was to better share the word of God with the Christian people, using a better translation based on more recent critical editions.

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Hi Jay!

Do you have a copy of the Nova Vulgata? I’d love to obtain one.

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No. I own the Clementine Vulgate.
I just have read the Nova on the Vatican website.

The Nova Vulgata was commissioned because, over the years, the sources which the editors of the Clementine Vulgate used were not as reliable as they had originally thought. The Clementine Vulgate used early Latin editions of the Vulgate to try to strip away much of the commentary which had been added to Jerome’s Vulgate over the years. It turns out that the Latin texts they used had commentary added to them also. This was readily admitted when translators used the Clementine Vulgate to create vernacular editions of the Bible. For example, when the Nova Vulgata was released in 1979, the New Testament of the New American Bible was revised. If you look carefully, whenever you find text in brackets you are actually reading parts of the Clementine Vulgate which were found to be commentary which had been added to the scripture over the years and had not been caught in 1592.

We do not have the exact text of the Jerome Vulgate. The one we have today is actually from copies of the texts which had been edited and promulgated by his disciples after his death. The original translation has been lost. The Nova Vulgata sought to provide a text closer to that which Jerome would have produced. They checked both the earliest versions of Jerome’s Vulgate and the Clementine Vulgate against the original Greek texts which Jerome translated from. The reason why the three apocrypha books are not included is because they only included the books of the Damasine List, which was the original commission of Jerome to translate the Bible.


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