Why o Why?

Why is it so important to adjectiveise the word Christian? Why can’t Christians be happy with simply being Christians?

catholic Christian /non-catholic Christian, who cares? I know God could care less.

You do realize people like to know so they know how to debate you.

We are Christians, those who stride to follow in the steps of God. Why is it so necessary to debate?

So if a Jehovah’s Witness said to you, I am a Christian, although I reject the trinity, blood transfusions, all holidays and I believe only 144,000 will go to heaven, and you have to be a Jehovah’s Witness or you are doomed when Armegeddon comes, you wouldn’t disagree with him? You’d just pat him on the back and say, that’s nice … keep following “your path” to God and continue on your way?

Or would you attempt, in the nicest of ways, to have a discussion with him in hopes that you might help him realize the errors of his ways?

Funny. Then why does it say ‘Protestant’ in your profile?

Quite simple really. I answered a question as part of the regristration for this forum. But no where do I ever say I am a ??Christian.

I am very proud of being a Christian, plain and simple. Just as I am proud to be an American. Who cares where my roots are. I am an American, not a ??American.

JW is a cult.

But they call themselves Christians, restorationists , but Christians that go by the Bible Alone, why can’t they call themselves Christian.

You are a Christian if you believe and follow the word of Christ.
Your question is why different demoninations. I suppose you need to back to Martin Luther, who, instead of working to reform the true Church, The Catholic Church, made the split causing the numerous denominations we have today. I do call the Catholic Church the true church since it was the one established by Christ, setting up the first bishops in the form of the apostles and giving Peter the Keys to heaven to make doctrine. “what is bound on earth is bound in heaven, what is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven”.
The Catholic Church work diligently to see that the mission that Christ set forth is followed and as first established, the mission is overseen by Catholic Bishops.
As the creatures we are, we need direction and organization, it is in our nature, so that is why.


Says you. (and me too) But not the JW. He’d say he is a Christian.

And so the debate begins…

Unless things have changed since I last spoke to a Jehovah’s Witness concerning this matter, your hypothetical situation will not arise. They do not claim to be Christian, because they believe that in order to be a Christian, they have to believe the same things about Christ that you do, and they, well…think you are wrong.

So they settle for simply being right and let you keep the empty title 'Christian."

Now the above is not MY position. It’s theirs. Or was last time I asked, It could have changed since.

If it has, and they now claim to be Christian because their religion revolves around Jesus the Christ, then fine. They are Christian.

Whether they believe everything I do about Him or not.

“Christian” is used as a club, in several meanings of the word. If you are ‘in,’ you are human and worth being treated as such. If you are ‘out,’ then of course if something happens to you, that’s OK–you aren’t a Christian anyway. This has been a rallying cry for people for two thousand years; the FIRST thing said about an enemy is 'unChristian…" followed by some epithet or other. Catholics did it. Protestants did it. Both still do.

As for me, I’m simply not going to worry about who claims His name. I’m going to worry about whether He claims me–and nobody gets a vote in that but Him.

Do they? As I said, the last time I spoke to one, she said they do not. However, if they have changed their minds and decided that they are, well…fine with me. They are.

Yes, I am 100% certain they consider themselves Christians. They consider themselves followers of Christ, although they believe Jesus was an angel who became man, rather than God incarnate.

I don’t suppose it matters whether I consider someone a Christian - or whether you do. Nobody will stand before us in judgement.

I don’t believe Jehovah’s witnesses claim to go by the bible alone. I have a specific experience with one who claimed their governing body is their authority on scripture interpretation. But, they may have been radicals.:shrug:


I’m going to do some research on this.

Ok, I went here , to the official website of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the second question in the FAQ is “Are you Christians?”

And the answer does seem to be an unequivocal ‘yes.’

Ok, They claim to be Christian, and claim to follow Jesus Christ and His teachings. So…I guess they are.

Whether we agree with what they believe or not.

YES,The JW are a cult and all christians need to pray for them

Define ‘cult.’

I know God could care less.

Where did you get that idea?

God doesn’t even think the same way mortals do. “My thoughts are NOT your thoughts…”

Besides, don’t you think God cares about truth?

Taking wiki with a grain of salt, but it would seem that they do…Jehovah’s Witnesses
Sounds like Sola Sciptura to me…

They consider the Bible to be the supreme authority for their teachings and practices

Gabriel of 12;

You know, I was just thinking along those lines in viewing the forums, until it hit me? Why did Jesus, Peter and the apostles, the early church Fathers “die for their faith”?

To be complacent in our Christian walk without carrying the cross, can lead to sin. I would recommend you read the letter or book “The Shepherd of Hermas” it is not a biblical canonical book, but the early church fathers enjoyed commenting on it. Because it deals exactly with your question, when the angel reveals to him, which stones will be rejected and which stones will be accepted into the Kingdom of God. Especially when he speaks in the mysteries of the Church Triumphant and the Church Militant.

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