Why on earth do they think we have a right... not about abortion

Today, I was searching for a contact address, email or snail mail for Jennifer Lawrence — new fan, checked one of her DVDs out from Public Library. I stumbled upon a site, not sure how I got there and deleted everything, cleared history, cookies, etc., that says we have a “right” to exploit naked pictures of her. What are they thinking? How can they justify exploiting people like that?

If anyone knows where I can contact Ms. Jennifer Lawrence as a fan, please let me know. I already reported the images to the FBI, only place I could think of.

If I recall correctly, Jennifer Lawrence was a victim of the Cloud ‘hack’ which took place some months ago, as were many other young actresses. It’s very unfortunate and quite disgusting that such a thing should happen.

Why people think it is a good idea to take such pictures and then upload them to the internet is beyond my comprehension.

If you do not take the pictures there is nothing to hack and/ or exploit.

I kind of agree, but at the same time, the pictures were stored through a supposedly secure service, just as people save personal financial, medical, legal information through cloud services.

Whether or not she should’ve had the pictures in the first place is a different matter.

BTW, I’ll admit to having a crush on her.

What are buglers thinking? How can bank they justify exploiting vulnerabilities in home security like that?


Nothing online is 100% secure. Even if it is just the system admin of whatever service it is, somebody ALWAYS has access to it other than yourself.

Not if you properly encrypt it, see Lavabit.

But yes, in general nothing online is always secure, nothing connected to the internet is ultimately secure, including cars that do not have sufficient air gapping.

I have pictures that are saved to cloud that I unwittingly authorized when I sold my soul and opened a googIe account. I didn’t upload the pictures but later got a notice that “the cloud” hadn’t been able to update for three days. Surprise!

One day I’ll take the time to remove them and reverse the authorization although right now my SD card is corrupt and nothing on it was saved but the cloud stored my pictures and music so it kind of saved me. Now I’m ambivalent about it.

I have no experience with Lavabit, but there is always the possibility bugs and unintended vulnerabilities. Heartbleed is a recent example.

This is why Terms of Service should be read, when you click accept you are basically signing a legal contract.

I guess someone could want naked pix of their own self for their own reasons; but if they store them online, whatever the ostensible security, it should not surprise them at some point to lose the privacy.

We only have privacy surrounding the immediate area commanded by our body or physical premises. Privacy should not be expected in the cloud.



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