Why only Jesus?


Hi. I am new to this forum so please forgive me if I’ve posted this in the wrong place. First off, allow me to say this… I in no way, shape or form wish to be disrespectful, nor attempt to shake anyone’s faith, nor in anyway propose that there is anything wrong with the teachings of Christianity.

My question is posed merely to assist me in my own path to truth and possibly to help anyone else who may have pondered the same questions in their life.

I was baptized at an early age and since have wondered if I really was old enough to have actually be aware of what I was doing at the time. I do not regret the baptism, but I now wonder if it really was necessary.

Why does the Catholic Church (and any Christian religion) seem to relegate all persons who do not believe in Christ (as an actual part of God) to eternal damnation? Surely God would not really want all Jewish people and all Buddhists and all Muslims, etc to be excluded?

I personally believe in God as I have come to know him and although I do not attend any church, I still have a personal relationship with God and follow most of the ideals of “Christianity.” I DO however doubt that Jesus is the only path to communication with God in the literal and the philosophical or religious sense.

Guide me. Tell me how I have misunderstood a God who has otherwise been very good to me indeed and daily assists me in life.

Were it not for that one thing, I probably would join the Catholic Church and be the most faithful servant God could imagine. Why am I excluded and excommunicated before I even begin? Why does the Catholic Church wish to reject me? Is it all only about Jesus and not about God himself?

Just asking for opinions here and please don’t take affront to my beliefs. Thanks.


you have mistated and misunderstood Catholic teaching. for the real deal on baptism, infant baptism, and salvation, go back to the CA homepage and read the articles on those topics. Then come back here if you have more questions. welcome to CA.


Thank you. I shall do that.:thumbsup:



You might also want to read these:




Dont worry you wont shake anyones faith .
REGARDLESS of what religion you pick , God is a personal issue.

I have struggled with the issue of going threw Jesus to God. To be honest no one can convince me I have too or prove it is so.
I also dont think I need to confess to a priest! I confess straight to God.
Whether you believe the doctrine is up to you, but I suggest you learn about how things were put together or created before you make your decision. The only one responsible for your soul is you! Be responsible and do your homework.


Sorry, but I could not find the article you refer to. I do believe that faith in Christ IS a prerequisite to joining the Catholic church and that anyone who does not believe that is bound for hell. Please tell me where I have this wrong or give me a direct link if you would to the articles you refer to. Remember I am not Catholic so I don’t even know the difference of the term Eucharist versus liturgy. Nothing on the home page seemed to refer to baptism nor to salvation.


i dont remember Jesus saying that?


Thank you but I do not wish to be rejected here and sent away to some other link on the web. This is “Catholic Answers” is it not? Why would the answers not be here?

This is what I refer to. If one is not Catholic, one is sent away. If one does not believe entirely what you believe, they are rejected. God does not treat me this way. why do you and why does the Church do this?


That is precisely the point. To me, it does not matter so much what Jesus did or did not say anymore than what any human man did or did not say. Mohammad, Jesus, the guy that lives down the street, the local Priest, what is the difference?

That is example, not disrespect. I am searching to find out why the CHURCH has said that I and every non-“Christian” is damned to hell?


For any person over the age of reason (7 years old), yes, a profession of faith is required. The profession of faith is the Nicene Creed. For those under 7, their parents make the profession of faith.

For the Church’s teaching specfically on those outside the Church, scroll to paragraph 846 and its surrounding paragraphs of the Catechism:


For more expansive context, read all of Article 9:



Jesus is God, and what he spoke was Truth. Mohammed was not God and what he spoke was false. It makes a tremendous difference.

The Church does not teach this.


YESSS. It makes me wonder why I “want” to come back?
Just because they say it is “so” does not mean it is, it is there interpretation… as why the church broke into several pieces starting with Martin Luther.


But when did Jesus say he was God?

and actually the church DOES say non believers/ non followers will go to hell.


I can also recommend the document Dominus Jesus which answers some of your questions regarding indifferentism.


How do you feel you are rejected or sent away? Because we might tell you that we believe you are wrong? I’m not understanding your question.

Do Catholics believe Jesus is necessary for salvation? Yes. Without a doubt - God sent His only son so that we might have enternal life in heaven with Him. There is no other name by which we can be saved. EVERYONE who is in heaven is there because of Jesus paid the penatly for sin on by dying on the cross. Not a single person is in heaven because of Budda or Mohammed or their own made up idea of God.

Having said that, because God is merciful and kind, He does not hold it against someone if they’ve never had the opportunity to know His Son Jesus. Those people who, through no fault of their own, do not know Jesus, may also go to heaven - but regardless, it’s still BECAUSE of Jesus.



No, it does not. The Church does not say anyone will go to Hell. We all may end up there, but none is there with certainty.

I have posted the links to Church documents on this subject.


Correct, so I have not got that wrong, the question is why is that profession required?

For the Church’s teaching specfically on those outside the Church, scroll to paragraph 846 and its surrounding paragraphs of the Catechism:


For more expansive context, read all of Article 9:


No. I will not be sent to some other website. I like this one and if you don’t have the answers, don’t respond, please.

I like the Catholic Church for some reason but have always been rejected. I just cannot concieve the Church is sanctioned legitimately by God if it rejects souls who come to learn the faith. Why send me away from the Church and away from this website so you don’t have to deal with me?


The link I directed you to IS the Catholic Answers website.

And I also posted the link to two Church documents on the topic.

Don’t be so ridiculous. You are not being sent away. You are being asked to read information so that we can discuss it with you.

I don’t know why you would expect me to retype an entire document showing you the Church’s teaching. Go read it, then when you have some background we can discuss it adequately.

So far your entire argument has been “the church teaches everyone else is going to hell”. Our reply has been, “no it doesn’t and here are the documents showing what it does teach” followed by your reply that you don’t want to read the documents.

Well, we can’t help you if you want to stay ignorant.

Parrot, save your melodrama for someone else.

Either you want to discuss the topic intelligently-- which menas reading the documents to arrive at an accurate picture of what the Church teaches-- or you don’t.

Which is it?


How are you being rejected? We are trying to share the faith with you… why don’t you want to read the excellent articles that have been provided? No one is sending you away from this website - that is just silly.

Here’s an idea: READ the article and then come back to this very thread and we can discuss it - answer more questions you may have - that sort of thing. Seriously, this is the way the forum works. We’ll be right here, waiting for you. OK?


It only makes a difference if you believe it. I could easily say that Mohammad was God and spoke the truth. You have no valid point and are not answering the question of “WHY” the Church believes this and how can it justify excluding people who truly believe in God - the same God you believe in no matter what the name given by humans.

I’d sooner believe St. Martin or St. Christopher (as example) was the true son of God. Why put Jesus at some higher level and give Him such elevation over any other human? As you see, even I have been trained to capitalize the pronoun. This has to be a human thing and not a Godly thing I think.

The Church does not teach this.

Wrong. Any Christian church teaches that only Christians will go to Heaven and all others will burn in Hell. Are you saying the Baptists taught me that wrong? If so, great!:slight_smile:

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