Why parapsychology isn't occultism?


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I would appreciate any answer.
Because I was buying many interesting catholic books about the Demonology.

The Devil, by Monsignor Corrado Balducci ( A prestiged Demonologist, with knowledge in Parapsychology, Psychiatry)

The Demonic Possession, by Corrado Balducci.

Is the Parapsychology a science?


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no its not science because it cannot be tested accurately. science has it rules and standards.


The areas of parapsychology that deal with testing for “other senses”, such as ESP, distant vision, etc, are not occultism. They are investigating if people have certain abilities.

The areas that deal with spirits, ghosts, etc can dabble or lead to occultism. There are some fine lines and hazy spots there.

Some speculations are that “ghosts” are memories of events imprinted in the spacetime continuum. Others are that they are dead folk who don’t know they are dead and need to be “led home”.

I do not know the Catholic Church’s stand on studying parapsychology.



Not really. Science applies theory to observations, and usually tries to falsify those theories through experiments.
Parapsychologists have observations, but they don’t have any theories, or if they have they are either untestable or hardly to be distingusihed from a labelling on the phenomenon.

That is not to say that some parapsychologists are not scientists and try to repeat experiments, apply statisitical analysis to results, and so on. Not all of them are frauds. A lot of people watch popular television programs on parapsychology, and invariably some scientist is wheeled out to give some balanced, neither too sceptical nor too credulous, view of the matter. This creates the false impression that a lot of people in universities spend a lot of time thinking about the paranormal. In fact almost no scientists have anything more than a passing interest, though most will gamely set up an experiment for the TV cameras if asked.


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Right. I’m little familiar with psi phenomena studies, my conclusion is: At the moment, the statistics are’nt constitutes strong evidence for the existence of remote view, telepathy, etc.

How we now the demon is’nt behind the whole psi phenomenology?

After all, theoretically, the future advance in psi research, could give to people the mechanisms of autohealing (psichokinetic power), premonition of events…ALMOST A INVULNERABLE MAN.


Do you think these prestiged catholic priests-parapsychologists who investigue Stigma, Demonic Possession, Authentic Miracles, etc, are not falling in the Tramp of the Devil?


Greg, I am curious. Is English a first language for you or are you a immigrant. Also, how long have you been Catholic?


I live in Uruguay (south america).
My language of origin is spanish, but i was studied english grammar & vocabulary.
when i see a dude, just limit my intervention.

I´m catholic.


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