Why people don't trust the media and alleged experts

“Science”. People aren’t stupid. People have memories. They can see the double standard.

This is the left-leaning media in a capsule. See, they have SCIENCE on their side, and Experts. It’s not their opinion. It’s SCIENCE.


“Experts”. This is why people are losing confidence.

This is completely, completely inexusable. COMPLETELY. This has to stop – who are the responsible public health official with the guts to at least give people a more nuanced understanding of the risks and benefits?

No one has to agree with Tom Cotton but as he points out on Twitter the New York Times published an opinion piece titled “Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime” with a graphic illustration.

Did publishing this [pedophilia] article lead a woke mob to walk out at the @nytimes? Or is it only when the woke “journalists” hear a perspective [military intervening in riots] (supported 2-1 by Americans) from a conservative that they throw tantrums?

Tom Cotton is worse than the Taliban according to the intelligent folks at the New York Times.

Did the @nytimes need an all-staff meeting to repent after they published an editorial from the Taliban?

The Atlantic ran a good piece on this.

I personally think one shouldn’t need an “expert” to confirm to them that marching around in a large non-distanced group is going to raise your risk, but that’s just me. I rely on common sense a lot of the time.

For the record, I did put my mask on and join a large peaceful march. In doing so I assumed some risk of getting sick in return for the benefit of doing something I felt called to do.


These people are not concerned about truth.
They are concerned about force. And the depth of their emotions. They don’t want to think and discuss. They want to emote and have their emotions carry the day.

In all of this, one thing stands out: stupidity. We are an incredibly stupid people. And stupid people cannot solve the real problem of racism.


My next door neighbor spends her time emoting on facebook about all the leftist causes du jour. You can’t discuss any of it with her, so I don’t. I just be nice to her.

While she’s doing all of this virtue signalling, her business failed because she can’t stand to put the work in that a retail shop requires. What she doesn’t realize is that the world would be a better place if she just showed up and did the tasks in front of her. Just show up. And commit to the life she has.

She could work to support herself. Work to better her community. Be nice to people. Think positively. Just think period.

Nope, we are living in Andy Warhol’s fame fishbowl now. A regular little job is so…boomer.


Because too many times I’ve heard politicians or even private people quoted (clearly to incite us to pick up the pitchforks and torches) then come to find out the statement was taken out of context.

Because if you read back in history, “experts” were the ones behind things like eugenics and lobotomies and repressed memories and all sorts of things that later got discredited.

Because the media openly uses emotionally laden words to convince (browbeat) YOU to fall in line.


I haven’t done enough research into this, but I think (I’ve read) that the “expert culture “ originated in the late Victorian day’s.

Basically, people had a very optimistic sense that science would be the saving of us all.
There were experts in nutrition, child rearing, other areas that people used to think for themselves.

Interestingly, the horrors of two world wars collapsed the idea that we were in a state of unmitigated progression to some golden ideal, but the idea of turning to experts to live ordinary lives persisted.

My mother ran out and bought Baby and Child Care by Dr Spock when she found out she was pregnant with me. I ran out and bought What to Expect When You’re Expecting when “the stick” turned blue.

We don’t trust ourselves or our own common sense and are very easily manipulated by slick sounding experts.


I’m tempted to say the Internet has made many people think they’re experts in various fields. It’s had a leveling effect by making anyone with a google browser think they know as much as someone who has an advanced degree. And it’s brought together people with a shared interest in conspiracy theories.


There is some of this but that doesn’t explain why publications like Slate and the NYT behaving erratically. And in my list, it looks like a public health expert with a doctorate is expressing a nonsensical and contradictory view that’s driven by emotions rather than facts.


Why people don’t trust the media?

Because TRUMP Says so. Why else?
And we all know Trump doesn’t lie.

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Nope. Trust in the media was declining well before Trump came along.
Also, if you’d bothered to look at the list above, that distrust is/was their own doing.
And I’m not fan of Trump. I’ve been critical of him.


Some people think that society today is advanced in knowledge so there is no need for any antiquated traditions. But really, people today just have more rope to hang themselves with.

At its core the media is no different today than it was over a hundred years ago when newspapers were owned by people who used them to push their own political ideology. One difference from then to now is the technology that’s being used today is much more difficult to handle.

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There’s also a stigma against invoking public health reasons to stop any sort of rights protest. Apparently people tried to do that in the 1960s, for example citing public health laws to not let protests come through town, or to get rid of temporary shelters that protesters would put up someplace and camp out in, similar to what they did during the Occupy movement (anyone remember the Occupy movement?). While some of the public health objections were overblown or misused to stop protests, one can’t deny that protests involving large groups can indeed transmit contagious disease, just like camping out for an extended period in an area not designed for camping and with inadequate hygiene facilities is going to create various public health issues.


Any suggestions who to trust?
Maybe we should trust YouTube, FoxNews and the Enquirer.

Those are media too.

How about using your own judgment?


Masks wont protect people in close formed groups who are in protests where the voice goes above normal speaking. Studies show they have a limited efficiacy.
This virus will be shedding all over the protest area. We are going to see a marked increase in its incidence.
It lasts on the ground, and clothing and the soles of shoes for quite some time, we could include banners and flags and slogan boards used in the protests.
A 21st century form of protest is well overdue. Money speaks, perhaps an economic one.

Problem is people dont trust media, science, anything except their own decisions and opinions when emotions are running high. The ‘fake news’ rhetoric is a huge factor.

Then there is propoganda

There is no current science telling us how a pandemic will behave in the current protest/ riot climate, there will be in under a month.
We can model it though.

One way or the other, the so-called “experts” are going to look bad due to their flip-flopping on social distancing here. If there isn’t a huge spike of cases over the next few weeks, then it will be apparent that forced lockdowns and social distancing were not really necessary, at least to the drastic degree they were imposed. If there is a huge spike in cases, then the experts can take the credit for encouraging protesters to help spread the virus. My guess is the first will come to pass - there have been many gloom and doom predictions over the last months about states reopening too soon and pretty much none of them have come true. The anti-lockdown protests never caused any large uptick in infections.

They went from calling protesters “grandma-killers” to heroes in a matter of weeks. They called for the arresting of salon owners for opening their businesses and called other people stupid for going to the beach. I guess according to the experts throwing out every medical recommendation you just made in the last couple of months is OK if someone is doing it to support your political beliefs, but dangerous if they don’t.

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They need to quantify public health risks caused by not protesting and then compare it with the opposite. From there, other experts may question the methodology and/or data used.

Protestors and rioters should also be responsibly self isolating and being tested whether symptoms show or not. With fast results turn around.
This pandemic hasn’t gone anywhere.
Testing the protesting population is the only effective way to measure it.

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I was hoping life in the sunshine would had killed off a lot of the virus… Well, I was praying for that to be true, too!!! Kinda Pollyanna-ish…


It’s nice to say that when you are heard. But when you’ve dealt with nobody hearing you for so long, it’s going to get angry out there. Colin Kapernack tried to protest peacefully and discuss things and was blackballed out of football. So if we don’t listen, what do we expect? It’s nice for us to say we should all just sit down and discuss. But when your daily experience of life is fear, eventually you will snap.

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