Why pray to anyone but Jesus?

Abortion is wrong and any church who says different is wrong.

The people in those churches would disagree. They use scripture alone too.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a church that Christ left us to definitively say it is wrong…wait he did do that. He did not leave us a single printed word, instead choosing to leave us a living voice of authority, the church.

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Perhaps this article from my blog will help a little. The Intercession & Communion of Saints

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I guess I get it, but all these debates ultimately lead to the issue of authority to interpret Bible verses which is where we were.

Ok now back to strictly Saints.

So we’ve been asked to stick to saints.

Ultimately I hope you question the basis of your authority, because it’s not the Bible, but someone’s interpretation of the Bible.

So back to Saints, do you believe that God is incapable of utilizing Saints in heaven to aid in the prayers of the church?

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are you saying a saint ceases to be a saint after the death of the body?

who said the bible was sacred scripture to begin with? What is the bulwark and pillar of the truth?

It is the CHURCH. The church which Jesus founded, the church passed on to us via the apostles who passed on Jesus’s teachings via scripture and tradition. First came the Church then came the scriptures. That’s how we know that the book of Morman and
the Koran are not sacred scripture.

the Catholics didn’t add anything to the Bible. The protestants took books out. In fact, the very first edition of the King James Bible had all the same books as the Catholic Bible.

who took that book out of your bible? It was in bibles for over a 1500 years before it was removed.

I am sorry that I joined this discussion seeing that it is now completely void of any grace from any of us. It has turned into a bunch of pride filled people, myself included. I am very sensitive about non-Catholic misunderstandings of Catholic teaching and I should just stay away from these boards because they are becoming a temptation to sin and my actions are displeasing to our Lord.

Cool! Thanks for the info.

I find the similarities between Catholicism and Judaism, especially on this topic, fascinating. There’s a lot more in common than I realized.

Forgive me if I sound harsh but why would it be such a realization? Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the apostles and disciples were all Jewish. Our roots are deep in Judaism. Many Christians behave as if there were no Old Testament or as if Abraham and Moses were Christians.

Some have sought to divide us through history and I have never understood how they were able to succeed.

We do

Where does scripture prohibit asking the prayers of anyone, or particularly a righteous person to pray for us?

Then we shouldn’t be praying for each other. Which means there is a huge contradiction with that

[/FONT]Romans 15:30
[/FONT]Colossians 4:3
[/FONT]1 Thessalonians 5:25
[/FONT]2 Thessalonians 1:11

Who is inspiring Paul to teach us to pray for one another? It’s Jesus John 16:12-15

No stretch

[/FONT]Apocalypse (Revelation) 5:8

Several have made the point that your point that statement “Jesus can handle all our prayers” does not align with the practice of one Christian asking asking a fellow Christian to pray for their intentions.

Maybe I missed it, but I do not believe that you have not responded to those points.

What is your position on that? Do you think that we should not ask one another to pray to Jesus?

Asking someone to pray for us on earth isn’t the same thing as asking a person in heaven to pray for us.

When we ask someone on earth to pray for us we know they hear us.

I said Jesus can handle all our prayers, which includes people on earth that pray for us. People in heaven do not hear us.

Prove this with scripture.

Second, you may ask someone on earth to pray for you it doesn’t mean they will. But you might feel more confident asking your pastor rather than a stranger or the prayer group rather than a Facebook friend. How much more confident are we that asking a holy person in heaven that they will pray for us!

Again prove with scripture that people in heaven do not hear us.

But if Jesus can handle all of our prayers (using “our” to strictly mean prayers you yourself pray), then why do you even need to bother asking people on earth?

Of course he can.

The problem is that you grow weary and do not pray without ceasing. The saints, on the other hand, can intercede for you without needing a nap.

Additionally, since they are already in heaven, they are truly righteous, and the prayers of a righteous man availeth much.

All in all, I think you benefit by having these powerful prayer partners in your corner. :thumbsup:

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