Why pray to Mary?


i love Mary. i say hi to her when i see statues of her. i don’t have anything to say. only hi.

i read about Mary. i see people pray nice things. i do not have in me what people say. is this wrong?


I think that you don’t know Mary very well. Try reading stories of Mary’s apperances:


also pray the rosary! that’s the best way to get to know Mary.




Hello there!

I never considered Mary very important either. Then the more I read about the salvation of the human race, I began to see a change in my thinking.

Mary, by the very fact she is Jesus’ Mother, has a role in our salvation. She who is called Blessed and the Mother of Sorrows, picked by God to bear His only Begotten Son. This makes Her the new Eve. She becomes not only Jesus’ mother, but our own Mother. She who was born without original sin to bear the Christ Child. She participated in His Passion and Death in a way only known abstractly to man. She bore many crosses for her love of God and Her Son. She is rightfully call the Queen of Heaven and Earth for her life that was devoted only to God and Her Son.

She is also a mediatrix with Jesus. Many times He has told saints and others to go to Her. She has the power to intercede for us and to tell Jesus when she is pleased by us. She has through Her Son, many graces that She gives freely to those who honor Her. I have been helped by Her many times. I know it was through Her. I believe that She should be honored by all the faithful, just because she is the Mother of Jesus.

I pray that you seek out information about Mary, as She is as much apart of Catholism as the saints and even more than them

Do you pray the Rosary? If not, this is a good place to start. She will listen, she always does. I know for a fact. I have it on good authority.:smiley:

God Bless!


thank you :slight_smile: i have read about her appearing. i do not believe what i read about them. i do not pray a rosary. i think these things are strange. strange for me. i know it is not strange for other people. it is not a thing i want to do. i do not know why i should.


Talk to Mary. It is that simple. Just tell Her what is in your heart and then listen. Talk to Jesus about Her and then, listen again. You will be surprised at what will come out of your talks. I have so much confidence in Mary, only because I talk to Her and she has helped me. Once I prayed a Rosary to stop my little sister from jumping off an overpass. I became a true believer out of this. My sister did not jump and she was 1000 miles from me and hidden from her family there. Something stopped her and I know it was Mary!

I will talk to Her for you also. I know that She is always waiting for us to talk to Her. I will ask Her to show you some kind of sign. She wants us to come to Her so I believe she will let you know something!

God Bless!


cuz she was jesus’s mom so you gotta pray to her duhhhh
+she ****ed the holy sprit so…you gotta respect that sex with that mofo:D


maybe i had a sign once. if that is what it was called. i did not pray any prayer at all for a long time after. i pray again but not to Mary.


Pope John Paul II believed that it was direct intercession by Mary that prevented his death during the assassination. That certainly opened my eyes–good enough for the Pope, good enough for me.


If you’re asking if you are wrong for not praying to Mary, you’re not wrong at all. It’s not an issue of wrong or right…it’s an issue of what you are preventing yourself from receiving.

To ignore Mary is to ignore a huge, bountiful, heap of graces that Jesus makes ready for you to comfort you and aid you in this life and you say “No, I don’t think it’s important”.


i asked why pray to Mary. now you list why it is important. thank you. :slight_smile:


In all of Mary’s apparitions there is one constant thing she asks: Pray the Rosary.
if you pray the rosary, not just rattling it off, you will know more about Mary and she will reveal herself more to you. You do not need any more prayers. You can not love someone you do not know.


*]Because Jesus came to us through Mary, and following His example, it is appropriate for us to return to Him through the same channel.
*]Because she is the Gate of Heaven, and when the King’s mother greets us at the door, it would be rude and displeasing to the King for us to ignore His mother because we are only interested in talking to Him.
*]Because she, as the Queen Mother, obtains favors for us from the King (God). In the Old Testament, it was the mother of the king who would obtain favors from the king on behalf of her subjects. Mary fills that role for us.
*]Because Jesus, dying on the Cross, gave Mary to us as our mother (“Behold your mother!”, John 19:27). Why would we not want to talk to our mother, who loves us and cares for us and is eager to bring our prayers to her Son?
*]Because she is the most perfect disciple of Jesus, and she can show us how to love Him better and grow closer to Him if we ask her to.
*]Because, like a good mother, she takes our poor prayers and offerings and makes them more beautiful before presenting them to God on our behalf. (Like when a child picks a few dandelions for Dad, and Mom arranges them in a pretty vase to make the gift more beautiful.)
*]Because she suffered at the foot of the Cross, and we can ask her to teach us how to bear our sufferings out of love for Jesus.
I’m sure there are many more reasons; these come to mind at the moment.


i do not rattle prayers. if i can not pray then i am silent. i think God would know if i am pretending to pray.

i prayed to Mary for many days once. one night i wake up and there is a light like Mary in my room. it scared me. i stopped praying to Mary so this does not happen again. i did not think about God not liking this. now like all things i see i mess up. again. i think about this today. i do not know what to do. i do not know how to think about Mary. i struggled for a long time to believe God is real. is Mary like God? always there and I do not know this? how many things exist that i do not know?

when i was small demons were in my room. not imagining them. something really there. at times i could not move i was so scared. i would sing to myself and would think that a person sends demons to punish me. to scare me so i know to do what they say.

it is why when i see a light like Mary that it scares me. unseen things make them selves seen. it happens to me. i do not like it. today is Mary. tomorrow is something else. if i say leave me alone i do not want to see. God is offended.


I believe you. Do not be afraid, ask for God’s mercy at these times. He is allowing you a special priviledge. If these a true things happeneing, and I do believe you, then God is allowing these things to happen for a reason. Again do not be afraid. Pray for God’s guidance in these times. He has a master plan and you figure in this somehow.

God is Light and that would be of any Heavenly body, including Mary. If you sense demons also, then you know the difference between the light and the darkness. Move towards God and trust Him. Trust in Mary, as she will only help you. There is only good in heaven.

Meanwhile I will pray for your strength and courage, regarding these matters!

God Bless!


Dear “MadeleineAndMe”,

The important part of the rosary is meditating on the mysteries. So, for instance, if you are meditating on the Joyful Mysteries the first one is the Annunciation. That is when it was announced to Mary that she would be the Mother of the “Son of the Most High”. Mary, with great humility gave her “yes” to God’s messenger when she said “May it be done to me according to your word.” Saying the Hail Mary’s keeps us focused.

When I meditate on that mystery I think about Mary’s acceptance of God’s will for her. She is ready to serve Him. And then I can ask myself how I react to what happens to me throughout the day, and the attitude I should have during my quiet times and my active times.

It is like letting Mary take you by the hand throughout all of the Mysteries. When the rosary is prayed privately you can stop and just talk to the Lord and Blessed Mother, thanking them, petitioning, and worshiping Jesus (together with Mary, who is nothing without Him.) Mary is venerated because she grew in faith and all the virtues of her own free will. Her starting point is the Immaculate Conception in her mother’s womb, and she grew in all the virtues because of her focused love, humility, and obedience to the Lord in all that happened in their lives.

Mary is the model disciple. We are so blessed that the Lord gave her to us as Mother! She is our mother in the order of grace.




Dorothy-when i say a rosary i think i am doing something wrong. it is strange to me. it is why i say i do not know how to think about Mary. what you say helps. thank you :slight_smile:


thevickinator16-you make me think of a lot of things. i am not going to type them. only the demons i know when i am small are not like this light in my room. very different. i have fears that stay with me from when i was a child. at times i see this and remember that i am not that child. you remind me of this. i think you are right that i do not need to fear.


i went to confession today. Father blessed my St. Benedict medal. Father said to think on how to free myself from my sins. i am and went to Mary to ask her help too. i think i try to do too much alone. i heard this saying yesterday. you can walk faster by yourself but with others you will go farther. a deacon i know tells me i can not be Catholic alone. i need help. maybe Mary can help me. people here help. i try to not say things that offend. if i do i am sorry.

thank you for the answers to my questions. and for the prayers too. :slight_smile:


May the Lord bless you on your spiritual journey! He wants us to depend on Him, and Blessed Mother will pray for you, stay close to her.


Madeleineandme, do you pray the Hail Mary? Just thought if you did, maybe you are closer to the answer then you thought. May be strange to ask the Mother for anything, but when you pray the Hail Mary, you already have asked for her intercesssion. Our Mother loves to be asked for help. She knows her Son the best. You will never be left unaided by Her. She is always in your corner. She is the Mother we can only dream of having. Imagine Her love for Her Son. Now transfer that love to yourself. Isn’t the thought of that amazing? She is Blessed and She is our Mediatrix.

God Bless!

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