Why Pray to Saints Rather than God?

It’s understood in Catholic spirituality and theology that any of us can pray to God at any time. The Bible emphasizes relationship to God, as sons and daughters to a Father. That said, there is also the practice of praying for each other. Our Protestant brethren in Christ (who generally reject intercession of the saints) have the notion of “getting a holy man [or the pastor, etc.] to pray for you.”


My response to them is “Catholics ONLY pray to God but we ask our friends, the saints and dearly departed, to help with our intentions.” We are a community that helps the others in our community with life as well as prayer. It’s not like we choose between the saints and God; there’s really no choice. We pray to God. :thumbsup:

I agree!!! We pray to God and ask others to pray to God for us as we pray for others

Is ominpresent the right word to use for the Saints?

When I die I can see all of the sufferings of everyone and all of the prayers of everyone at the same time I suppose? I know God can, does he just give this ability to all?

Omnipresent or omniscient? The saints, being in full communion with God, are always present. Do they have omniscience like God; knowing all things? I would opine not. God is God and there’s only One God. Saints may very well be granted certain knowledge by God but I don’t think it’s consistent to think they share in God’s intellect.

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