Why priests cannot get married now


Someone in a class I was teaching on Old Testament Scripture asked me why priests cannot get married now. I didn’t know exactly how to answer that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



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Here’s another quick pick.


To reduce the temptation to sequestrate Church property for personal use, and to prevent the emergence of a priestly caste.

Since the discipline has been in place for so long we’ve also found other benefits. However there is nothing inherently incompatible between marraige and priesthood.


Because following the advice and example of St. Paul and example of Christ the Church has created a Law prohibiting a man who has received Holy Orders from entering into a valid Marriage.


Priestly celibacy is unBiblical. NOT!


Priests cannot get married now, and there has never been a time when priests could get married.


To clarify, I believe that what Ahimsa means is that the rule has ALWAYS been that once you’re ordained, if you’re married, you stay married and you can’t remarry. If you’re ordained single, you stay single. That’s how it works for deacons, and that’s how the practice is in the Eastern Rite, the Orthodox Churches, and for Protestant converts who are ordained in the Latin Rite.

The question is not “can priest marry” but “can married men be ordained priests?”


Priest could be married but could not get married once they were ordained.

The Catholic Church has not banned married priests, rather Roman Rite has disallowed them except in special circumstances. ie the Pastoral Privledge for protestant clergy that has allowed some of them to become priests. In many of the eastern rites of the church there are married priests.


Priests of the Eastern Catholic Rite can be married before ordination.


Because they want to follow the example of their “first pope”, Peter, who was never mar…oh, never mind.


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Here is a good article from right here…



Is one a priest before one is ordained?





Are you sure it’s because they don’t want to follow the one they worship, who is Jesus Christ?


So, are you implying that Peter didn’t want to follow Christ?


He was likly widowed by the time Jesus made him head of the Church on earth. This is not a defined teaching of the church but a speculation held in commen by many theologians. I forget the reasons for this speculation but it has to do with the mention of his mother-in-law and other stuff too.


But it’s irrelevant because for the first 12 centuries of the Church, one could be married and be a priest.


Not said so in the Holy Scriptures St. Peter was married, it was there free will if they choose to. ST. Paul speaks of this also and Moses gave the law what was required of Priest if they choose to married.



God never said priest could not marry. Aaron was married!

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