Why proclaim Mary?

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

How beautiful! In Chap. 8: “The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God in the Mystery of Christ and the Church” paragraph 65:

…For Mary, who since her entry into salvation history unites in herself and re-echoes the greatest teachings of the faith as she is proclaimed and venerated, calls the faithful to her Son and His sacrifice and so to the love of the Father…

Having posted on the “Virgin Proclaimed” on this Forum yesterday, see HERE, I reread the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church “Lumen Gentium”. What a blessing to read Chap. 8 on Mary and to realize again the powerful working of the Holy Spirit in the Church! As already mentioned, Servant of God Frank Duff founder of the Legion of Mary was a Lay observer at the Council and he was well aware of the debate among the Council Fathers as to whether to include Mary in this Document on the Church or to write a separate Document. In Chapter 8, we can read the clear teaching of the Church that Mary is so important to the Church she needed to be incorporated within this Constitution.

I encourage any who have not read this chapter or have not read it in awhile to read it in order to renew the proclamation and veneration of Mary in ourselves and to kindle it in others, that Mary, through us, may truly call, all to her Son and His sacrifice and so to the love of the Father…

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