Why Protestant Christians convert other Orthodox and Catholic Christians??


I never get this, and perhaps this can never be answered. Why is that Evangelical Protestants desire so much to convert Catholics, or Orthodox Christians to their faith.

Catholic and Orthodox are very liturgical Christians dating back to the time of the Apostles. Couldn’t they just preach Jesus and them them remain within their Christian traditions.

I know some Fundamentalists don’t admit consider Catholics and Orthodox as Christians, out of ignorance.

This question was brought up from a former Evangelical Christian who became Catholic.

Personally, I find converting other Christians of a different tradition pointless. The Pentecostal who convert Catholics in Latin America are wrong to convert Catholics there. They are Christians.


Probably for the same reason that some Catholics try to convert Protestants. They feel that their denomination has the truth, or more truth, than the other. I know Catholics who refer to people who convert to Catholicism as coming home. Protestants can feel that they are the true home that people should come to.


I do think it is pointless. If you are a Christian, you don’t need to convert another Christian. I have no problem of converting a Moslem to a Christian.

Lately, the conversion of Protestantism to Catholicism is due to their own desire to seek a deeper relationship with Jesus. The conversion stories of Scott Hahn, Alex Jones, Patty Bond, Pat Madrid, Dave Armstrong, Tim Staples, and any Catholic convert attest to this. They were received into the Church not through missionaries but their own zeal.


Because they do not understand Catholism. Most non-Catholics don’t even consider us Christian. They have been fed so many lies about Catholism that we can only say… 'forgive them for they know not what they do."

The Catholic church accepts the Baptism of all Christoam denominations. That should tell them something very profound.


These “conversions” happen because they are cradle/culture Catholics that had not learned thier faith as they were growing up. They have either come from families that either didn’t instruct thier children and/or not practice thier faith fully, though some good faithful families have lost thier children to other churches.

Myself I was raised as a protestant, my first conversion came when I was 18, the person that lead me to my first understanding of Christ was a Church of the Nazarine Chaplin, I was Baptised at a Baptised Church, a Cradle Catholic(very close friend today) because of seeing a change in me, turned his life over to Christ. No protestant Church or minister, nor I seeked to take him out of the Catholic Church.

That was 33 years ago. for 27 years I hadn’t heard nor seen him, but about four/five years ago, we through the internet have gotten in touch with other. I was a having a spiritual conflict a friend of his moved to my town and he, my army buddy, referred me to him for spiritual counseling. After a while I started living my faith with a new hope 21 months ago I was lead by the Holy Spirit to come into full communion with the Catholic Church, I did so April 15 2006. Now my friend, “ex-Catholic” Baptist, who I know is very close to God, and works for a international ministry, to the Church he is a fallen-way Catholic, but he is not anti-Catholic and he knows I have become Catholic, yet God used him to bring me into the Church.

Were I going with this, I agree that it is pointless to try to convert people that are active Christians from one Church to another. But I also think we worry about it happening too much.

The best way to guard against it, is to teach our faith and live our faith. There have been a lot of “ex-Catholics” put into my life over the last two years and what I have found, it hadn’t been the churches they joined that have made any effort to convert Catholics, they just offered Christ centered communities that have open arms. I don’t think the groups that actively try to convert Catholics are that successful. and what I see in most of the “ex-Catholics” I know, they don’t know squat about what the Catholic Church teaches.

And you know that Army buddy of mine, God used my witness to bring him into a relationship with Christ, and he has been used by God in a great way for many years. I am just waiting and hoping that my friend follows me back to Rome. He followed me once, who knows?

I think God’s plans work better then our plans, though I know that the fullness of the faith is in the Catholic Church, those that follow God, without even knowing it are part of that Church.

You can’t convert someone strong and knowlegable in thier faith. We can’t blame the protestants for those weaknesses.


I also don’t understand, if as they say, the attributes of the ProtestantGod and the CatholicGod are the same ( three persons with same attributes, forming one ChristianGod) then why should one try to covert the other? The difference would be only on petty matters, which both the denomination should resolve by mutual consultations and dialogues.
I am an Ahmadi – a peaceful faith in Islam bridging gaps between faiths/denominations/religions/agnostics


I am personally grieved when I see Protestant missions going to Catholic countries. There is this website of an Evangelical church who considered it their calling to make sure Catholics hear an “accurate” view of the Gospel and the people saved from “defilement of religion.” I thought its such a waste.

By any chance, are there stats that show whether Protestants send more missions to Catholic countries rather than non-Christian countries?


Quite frankly, Protestants that make an effort to convert Catholics and Orthodox don’t believe the Catholics and Orthodox have the fullness of the Christian Faith. They believe their brand of Christianity is the Truth.

This can be said of both Catholics and Orthodox that try and convert other Christians, or themselves; that only they have the fullness of the Christian Faith, and the rest are heretics.

Both Catholics and Orthodox MUST believe theirs is the fullness of the Christian Faith, that is they are the TRUE Christian Faith, anything less is heresy. As for Protestants and other non-Catholic, non-Orthodox Christian denominations, they do not necessarily have to believe other Christians do not have the fullness of the Christian Faith (it varies from denomination to denomination).


I totally agree…There are also tons of people out there who have no faith in anything, and meantime, the Christians are :frowning: trying to convert each other.
It’s pointless, & its very very sad!!

I feel the same way…:nope: :nope:

[quote=nazarene1126]By any chance, are there stats that show whether Protestants send more missions to Catholic countries rather than non-Christian countries?

I don’t know. I just wish that this would stop…As I said above: There are lots & lots of people who have no religion. There are people who are in cults. There are people who are in non-Christian religions…
Why can’t we learn to respect one another???

My mother had a friend, many years ago, who was a (Free Methodist) missionary nurse in South Africa, during the days of apartheid. Her closest friends on the mission filed were the nuns at the nearest Catholic mission. They were all Christians, & all nurses, providing medical care to the black Africans who were so hard up, under the regime in power. They all just loved one another…Nobody was trying to steal from one another. They were all trying to provide physical care, & spiritual comfort to a group of people that were suffering.
Sometimes I wonder what those ladies would have to say about all this jockeying for “converts”…I suspect none of them would be very happy about it…:nope: :nope: :nope:


Sorry to say, some protestants really don’t think Catholics are Christians. They believe that Catholics worship Mary and the saints and the Pope. They believe that communion must be seen as symbolic to avoid idolatry. They believe the whore of Babylon is the Catholic Church because she wears red and purple and drinks from a cup (who doesn’t drink from cups?). They believe Babylon in Revelation is Rome because it is known as the City of Seven Hills. They rewrite history to make at least one of the heretical sects of the early Christian centuries into Baptists or Lutherans, or another Protestant denomination. They use as “evidence” the poor scholarship of Alexander Hislop and the alleged experiences of Maria Monk, Alberto Rivera and Charles Chiniquy. Then they quote one another until they are essentially all citing themselves in a big circle.
With most of these conspiracy-mongers, it’s not hate motivating them. They really feel sorry for Catholics and yearn to rescue them from the ignorance and superstition they believe Catholics live in. That’s why they try to convert them.
To get through, show them that you are aware of their theories. Let them know why their sources are considered unreliable at best. Quote Scriptures to them. That’s all that will probably work.

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