Why remain Christian, especially Catholic when I could instead choose Buddhism?


This is an excellent question, in its own right, that can be answered in a tremendously encouraging and very believable way. It has been the subject of many great books.


If there’s books you’d recommend, I’d love to know the titles. Not that I’d be able to get my son to read them but I would. I need to be better informed. Thank you kindly.


It would be best to start a new thread on this question. You will get far more excellent answers.

Life of Christ by Bishop Sheen is one that immediately comes to my mind, but there are others that zero in much more on this question.


Because one does not ascend alone, by the sweat of their own hands, but by trust and faith in God and Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross… Adam and Eve thought they could take their throne without God; they were wrong. The Tower of Babel was expected to bring man into the heavens; it didn’t. You only reach salvation and a seat on God’s Divine Council through obedience to Him and His Church.


Kid got indoctrinated. I know I won’t send my future children to a school that will spit them out approving of national and corporate child sacrifice! Lord have mercy on you for your patience with your son.


The only reason to believe something is because it is true.

Buddhism has a very flawed philosophy, they deny the law of non-contradiction and that reality exists. Reality is an illusion to them and everything is one being, without God.

If you deny reality, then you deny everything true in reality, including Buddhism, which is a contradiction.

That is the biggest reason not to believe in Buddhism, it contradicts itself.


I’ve always wondered if there might be some sort of secret strategies for getting a person you want to help to read a book.

Persuasion is not my thing but I’ve noticed in my lifetime that some people are very good at it.

#1. On a list of at least 10 great ideas is to simply send it to him and pray he reads it. You never know.
#2. Pick exactly the right book that will engage him as the kind of person he is, how he things, etc. etc.
#3. Simply ask him if he would be willing to read a book.
#4. …


I’m so sorry.
Buddhism is very hip and cool right now, so there’s that…
Also, converts to Buddhism can come across as very serene and have it all together…
Furthermore, you get all the fun of being spiritual without being religious!
But as to your question about a resource for you, I would recommend “Handbook of Christian Apologetics” by Peter Kreeft.


You GREATLY increase your chance to merit heaven by being a Informed, Practicing Catholic.




It sounds like some vert bad people got a hold of your son and influenced him. I am so sorry to hear that, Pat. I know how it feels to watch someone you love walk away from everything they were raised in --especially the Catholic Faith. I suggest you recommend his soul to the care of Our Lady of Sorrows in a novena to obtain his conversion.

Buddhism is fundamentally wrong because it is contrary to both human nature and the light of human reason. It rejects natural human tendencies such as love of neighbor and love of self. Karma, and things like the belief in reincarnation obviously contradict the laws of nature.

It completely ignores the concept of God altogether, and thus man’s dependence on a Supreme Being. It places the attainment of salvation, or “Nirvana” completely on self-effort, so there is no God who saves, no Father who shows mercy. On that basis, the “religion” completely guts motivation. There is no need to be afraid of punishment for wrong doing, but one supposedly gets an infinite re-do option to get it right. Even at that, when one does “get it right” and reaches Nirvana, it’s completely dull and dreary with no love and no individualism, no God.

In a strict sense, it doesn’t even have the right to be called a religion. At best it is a shaky philosophy that’s been debunked by human development. Unfortunately, it seems to be a trend in this day and age to dig up the false beliefs of the past, which man had done away with, and refashion them as novel and unique and somehow worth our consideration.

You and your son will be in my prayers, Pat.


This is a really good recommendation. I recommend Sheen’s The Divine Romance. He actually discusses Hinduism.


I too was a fallen away Catholic who’d been agnostic, atheist, visited UCC a few times and researched and briefly practiced NewAge (meditating with crystals).
My mom also used to bug me about going back to the Church and, like you, not long after she passed away I felt this strong pull to return to my Catholic roots.


Buddhism was founded by a man, whereas Christianity was founded by an incarnation of God: Jesus.


If you sent him a book (perhaps a Christmas gift?) you could do a compromise of sorts. I’ve found that is one of the best ways to get someone to read a book. You could read a book he wants you to read if he reads your book.

I have also read quietly in front of others, occasionally reading aloud parts I found interesting. I would consider myself a pretty “intellectual” person, so this isn’t considered odd to those who know me as I get excited enough to share the great information I find. That worked really well. That led my mom to go back to confession after a few years absent and my sisters to at least think for a moment on their salvation. It has also led my brother, who is a fallen away Catholic to say, “well, maybe I should do some of my own research” instead of blowing it all off. He wanted to look more into it.


I created a thread to help you with ideas on books.


Tell him if Buddhism or Hinduism is true, he will get a other chance to get a go at getting it right, as they believe in the transmutation of the soul (reincarnation). Meanwhile, if Catholicism is true…

Seems to be he’s letting his opinions override the true teaching of the Church in his eyes.
This is dangerous, because now it’s not finding what is true and then conforming, it’s looking for a system that simply agrees with him.

Did you know, Abrahamic religions are the ones who claim to be Inspired. The Hindu vedas are the writings of sages. The Buddhist teachings are the philosophy of a sage who thought. Very profound things, but ultimately he did not even claim to be the one who is wisdom, but had to go out and learn and grow. Buddhism was originally meant for monks to focus on and sorta assumes Hinduism as true.

Catholicism is the only Church with so many miracles marking it throughout history since it’s inception. Just take St Saturninus, whose presence stopped the pagans from receiving their oracles. He was then physcially made to try to honor the pagan god, but he said, why would I fear a god that, as you say, fears me? Then they tied him to a bull and he died a martyrs death, being dragged around.

Theres many many many more things, perhaps more impressive, miracles all throughout the history of the Church, marking it. It is historically traceable to Jesus Christ Himself.

I have never heard of a supernatural miracle in other religions, perhaps præternatural miracles, but even devils can do those.

Now, Catholicism is just completely fulfilling, and holds the Truth in fullness.


Thank you. I happen to love Bishop Sheen and grew up hearing him on t.v. I’ll definitely get his book life of Christ.


I’m so very sorry that you lost your mom :frowning: ,but it’s beautiful to know her prayers were answered because you did return to the Church. That’s wonderful beyond words. God is good and He does answer our prayers, but as we all know, according to His timing.
God bless you for your encouraging words and your prayers, for which I’m greatly appreciative. I realize I need to remain hopeful and diligent in prayer, just as Saint Monica. I’ve supportive friends but sometimes it feels like a lonely road. Thank you for sharing your story because it does give me hope. :slight_smile:


So, there is a possibility that this could be a good book for your son and you yourself, as you said you are interested in reading such material too perhaps.

I think it’s possible that I might have looked at a book if my mom just sent it to me in the mail or something or as a Christmas Present- he might, you never know. Stranger things have happened.

I read Sheen’s “Life of Christ” when I was going through something of a thirty something. I found it made a very winsome argument for the historicity of Jesus and proving that Jesus of Nazareth really was and is, in fact, God who came down in the flesh.


To put it simply, because Catholicism is the one true faith.

Of course, that would require substantiation to prove, and that is why learning and participating in apologetics is so important; so you can show that the Catholic faith is, indeed true.

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