Why Sacred Scripture is Undervalued by many Catholics today

German Catholic priest explains how Fr. Karl Rahner, SJ,
has Misled many people in the church today
(especially the Jesuits)
and those who claim the spirit of Vatican II.

They have undermined catechesis , evangelization and the need for conversion by contrasting the authority Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition with their preferred “revelation of lived experience.”

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Wow…quite an allegation…but to give you the benefit of the doubt, I’m thinking I am misunderstanding and that you are not accusing those attesting to the spirit of Vatican II to be heretics.


“Test the spirits” 1 John 4:1
“Test everything. Retain what is good” 1 Thessalonians 5:21

Having posted this, it does not matter the names or faces we choose to blame. What matters is the prudence we choose to employ in dealing with it on a personal level.

That prudence should lead us to prayer. Talk is cheap and more often harmful than helpful - especially on the interwebz. James 3

I would strongly resist Msgr. Feichtner’s attempt to set Christ and the Church in opposition to people of the modern world. God’s law is written on our heatrts in a way that Rahner has helped us understand. Dismissing his insights is a terrible idea.

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I understand scripture is important to some but I feel the Church speaks to more people when it doesnt beat people over the head with verse after confusing verse!

I agree for the most part…

2 Things

Pre-Vat II - Most Catholics had Bibles which sat on a shelf gathering dust…

Vat II? Is excellent…

The Legion of Abuses can’t be pinned upon Vat II - and of which,
very few Catholics owned a copy, let alone, even cracked open a page…

“In the spirit of Vatican II” ? An Abracadabra mantra allowing anyone to introduce change.

Yes. On the Progeny of the Early Modernism-ites…

Take away the word of god from people and the priests can keep repeating whatever you want and they will believe it because they do not know the word of God (truth) to tell what is a lie, the last command Jesus said was to Go and preach the Gospel to all nations. He said I am the way the truth and the life No one comes to the father except through me. That means Jesus is the only way to eternal life, not through any other religion which is man’s attempt to connect with God. God became man so that by his shed blood redeemed (he paid the price) for our sins that anyone who trusts in him that he died for the forgiveness of their sins and the person repents(changing of ones mind) will be given a new heart of flesh and be born again and recieve the holy spirit as promised 4you.ie. Jesus is coming soon we are at the Final Countdown. The beast of revelation is among us with the last 1700 years and is deceiving many. John 3:16 and 3:7 Romans 3:23, May peace of God be with you and he may soften your hearts so that you may be adopted into God’s Family.

I read the Bible every single day, I’ll have you know. And many Catholics I know do exactly that. I’ve read the Bible all the way through twice, not The Abridged version missing seven books and parts of others, and the New Testament at least four times. I don’t know what Catholics you’re talking about, but I’m not one of them. According to Fr. Mitch Pacwa (who, According to Wikipedia is 70), Catholics were taught to treat the Bible with respect and reverence even before Vatican II.


There are 4 bible readings at each Sunday mass - one gospel reading that we stand up for out of respect; and an Old Testament reading, and a psalm reading that the congregation participates in, and a reading from the NT epistles. And much of what is said either by priest or congregation are snippets of Bible verses. In truth, if you removed all scripture from mass, there would be very very little left.


I’ve got to share a story. Some years ago, one of my aunts started up a Bible study group at her Catholic church. She invited me down to give a little sharing on the second week of the group meeting. Before I did my sharing, I was sitting incognito in the middle of a small group of attenders. A middle-age lady turned to me before the meeting and said, “Last week I didn’t even know what the numbers meant! But this week I’ve been reading my Bible and finding all the stories that I’ve heard all my life. This is great!” Of course, many Catholics do know chapter and verse; but even among those who don’t know chapter and verse, many are very familiar with the Bible, especially the gospels.


There’s a very interesting group of talks that you can find online at the Institute for Catholic Culture, about where all these weird ideas about the Bible come from. Basically, it didn’t start in the 1960’s. It actually goes as far back as medieval thinkers like Occam (of Occam’s Razor), Renaissance guys like Machiavelli, and a lot of politics in early modern Europe and Victorian times.

The title of the three talks is “Deconstructing the Bible,” and they are given by Jeffrey L. Morrow. He has written a couple of scholarly books about this; and he has a scholarly book with Scott Hahn called Modern Biblical Criticism as a Tool of Statecraft. (Coming out soon, I think?)

And no, it’s not conspiracy theory stuff. It’s pretty straightforward, and it’s nothing that a history student would not have seen bits and pieces about. State vs. Church is one of those major themes of European history that show up again and again.

But it does include some pretty mindblowing stuff about how Victorian universities in Germany were treated as state employees who had to serve the Kaiser’s policies directly even in Biblical interpretation – as opposed to just feeling that education is good, and that well-educated Germans would be a good thing for the Kaiser too. So here we are, a hundred years later, dealing with theories that were invented for totally other reasons than whether they were true or not.

I don’t think these talks are on their YouTube channel, but you can register for free on the Institute of Catholic Culture website and find them there. (Video and podcast formats.)

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Anyway, one of the big concepts is that academics and governments pushed the idea that academic experts should interpret the Bible, not the Church or tradition. If you demanded that everyone had to learn a zillion languages and study a hundred obscure manuscripts before having any opinion on a Bible passage, or being able to understand anything in the Bible at all… it cut out a lot of the competition.

I think this led to a lot of the modern academic idea that the professor is God, and that everyone else should just shut up and obey. (As opposed to the medieval idea that professors had to prove themselves, and that students would only pay for your class and your salary if they thought you were worth their money.)

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You are one of the few that actually read a bible. there are many false christs(Matt 24) that have gone out into the world. The pope is not god’s representative on earth.
extract from

The name Peter (Gk., Petros) means “rock” or “rock-man.” In the next phrase Christ used petra (upon this rock), a feminine form for “rock,” not a name. Christ used a play on words. He does not say “upon you, Peter” or “upon your successors,” but “upon this rock”—upon this divine revelation and profession of faith in Christ

Only the original Aramaic and Greek are “inspired by god and is of no private interpretation” most people nowdays including i do not have a proper understanding of the greek and hebrew culture of the day in which we miss many of the nuances of the language hence lose the meaning of what is been said, only by much study and guidance from the holy spirt after being born again will you understand the deeper truths which have been hidden from the general population. many translations have errors therefore we must test all things and the original meaning of the words and not take anybodys word for it but trust God’s word alone.

I could be wrong about several points of doctrine and i am willing to research anything which can be proven using scripture that does not have any other verses that contradicts it.

Another point that comes to mind on the catholic church is people calling the priest father. for Jesus said

9 And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven.

Jesus alone can forgive sins not any priest hearing confession.

Hope that you research these points for yourself and do not take my word on it.

On the point of calling no man father, Christ also says don’t call no man rabbi (teacher) what do you call someone at school who teaches yoy math, teacher. What do you call your male parent father. We need to take scripture in its entire being. Saint Paul in the new testament calls himself the spiritual father of others. Also how can the statement “Honor your Father and Mother” be acceptable if one took Christ word to be litural and figurative?
Now on the pope i would say look at what the apostolic fathers have to say.
Scripture without sacred Tradition leads to people disagreeing with basic beliefs. The Church is made strong by the two wings of the Faith Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. Onr without the other leads to a bird that can’t fly.


Also, doctor means teacher. What is one to call their physician?


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