Why Saint Joseph Had to Die Before Jesus. A Short Article


An interesting view, based on at the author’s profound belief on what Saint Joseph was.


That’s true.




If it was so difficult for Joseph to endure, then why did Mary have to endure it?


Flaw: Does a mother not have a responsibility to protect her child? I know plenty of mothers who’d fight harder than the fathers.


The speculation of the OP’s linked author is probably a good explanation for himself, and perhaps others.

I have difficulty myself with it, for some of the reasons already listed above.

In any event there are books by visionaries that can give much devotional insight into the life of St. Joseph, that, IMHO, make more sense than a blogger’s insights.

The Life of Saint Joseph
(I’ve read this book, and highly recommend it, to the devout reader, but not the vainly curious.)

or The Mystical City of God

Both of these books would make excellent spiritual reading before the Blessed Sacrament. :slight_smile:


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