Why Santa wears Red?

Ok I have heard some pretty wild stuff in my short life on this earth, but I have heard that Santa became red because of Coke-Cola in the 1920’s. Also it is only in the US and some other places that he is Red. In Peru for example Santa is Blue because Pepsi is the more popular product there. Any valadity???:shrug:

See here - this may help answer your questions: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_claus


Santa wears red because in some parts of the world deer season extends through December. It is for his own protection.

I always laugh at the CCC cartoon video of the story of St. Nicholas, where he comes out of his prison cell portly and looking too much like the modern representation of Santa Claus. I don’t think he would have gotten fat in prison.

Here’s an interesting site:


What?!!! That’s not an accurate depiction of St Nicholas?

Ah yes, squinting through a Leupold, deer, deer, deer, red thing, hmmm.

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