Why should He let you in?


Looking for the RCC perspective…

After death when you are standing before the big gate of heaven reviewing your life with the Lord and he asks why should He let you in; what would your response be?



There’s no reason that God should let us in.


‘Lord, we are not worthy that you should let us in, but only say the word and we shall be healed’ :slight_smile:

Do you seriously think ANYONE deserves to enter heaven? :nope:

However, we have faith in Christ’s words that those who* eat his flesh and drink his blood *(not a symbolic representation or partial presence of them, but the very things themselves) can gain eternal life.

And that we whose sins have been forgiven by the Apostles (and their successors by generations’ worth of laying on of hands, our Catholic priests and bishops) are truly forgiven us.


Jesus is not going to ask me for a reason why He should let me in.

It will not be up to me; it will be up to Him. Either He will say “yes,” or He will say “no,” but He will not be asking my opinion of the matter.


Better yet…

A twist on the centurion’s statement of faith…

“Lord, I am not worthy that I should enter under Thy roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.”


Doesn’t He just look in that big book of His and see if my name is written?? :wink: Nonetheless, I would ask to be let into heaven because Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins and I put my Faith in Him.

To which God would no doubt ask, “How do I know you put your faith in Him?” (because the Bible says even the demons believe in Jesus) And I would respond with, “I tried to live my life in obedience to all You commanded through Your Holy Word and Your Chruch.”

I’m not sure that’s the “official RCC response” - I’d need to check the handbook… but that’s my response.


I agree with the above posters…but, I also happen to think that Jesus will ask me…“who did you love? how did you show them love?”


I got a pepperoni pizza and breadsticks. Who ordered it?

Ok, I’ll stop now.
Couldn’t resist, sorry.




Seriously though, I think God would prefer anchovies on his pizza - He seemed partial to fish. :wink:


After all God IS love! :wink:

We don’t know that He will be asking anything. As someone above said.

If He does ask why He should let me in. I’ll say Lord, I’m not worthy to come into Your house, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.


Why should the Lord let me in?

Because Jesus died for me…


ha that’s pretty funny:p

  1. Because of Divine Mercy … Saint Faustina and all that. Read up on it.

Here is a web site.


  1. Because I asked nicely.

  2. Because of faith, hope, charity … and trust.


A RCC relative of mine once stated that she was going to heaven because of how good she is (and she certainly falls into the stereotype that Catholics believe in works salvation). Thank you everyone for your responses.



Catholics do NOT believe in a works salvation. That’s a myth. We believe we are saved by the grace of God alone.

Here is a site from Sola Dei Verbum for you to read that should help you come to a better understanding of what we believe.


OK, Tim. Quick question:

Do our good works have anything to do with our judgment?


OK, Tim. Quick question:

Do our good works have anything to do with our judgment?

Our works reveal and demonstrate the faith that saves us.

God: "Why should I let you into heaven?"
Tim: “I am unworthy, but have confidence in your promise in your Scriptures to save those who believed in your Son.”



“I haven’t the slightest idea.”

It isn’t my job to argue with my Maker. It’s His job to decide whether or not to have mercy on me, and because I know that He is a God of infinite goodness, justice, and mercy (qualities which in Him do not in any way conflict or stand in tension with each other), I am confident that He will have mercy on me if it is at all possible to do so. To worry about your silly and blasphemous question would amount to trying to save myself by my own good works, which I know I cannot do. You, on the other hand, apparently think you can save yourself by haggling with God, which is a very bad idea.

Why do you imagine that God stands at the gate of heaven (literally or figuratively) asking such an odd question, anyway?



That’s interesting. Can you show me in the bible where Jesus tells us what we are going to be judged by?


Now when you say “before the big gate of heaven” do you mean the one in which St. Peter is standing?

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