Why should I continue to pray when this happens


I live in a home with my children and we have our problems but I notice the moment I ask God for help I start thinking about the homeless families and I say to myself

“Why would God help me out of this situation when it’s not as bad as a mom sleeping on the streets with her little kids freezing outside like I read in the news”

For some reason these thoughts prevent me from trusting God and my prayers for myself end in “don’t pray for xyz, just be grateful you are not homeless, if God hasn’t allowed those kids a home yet in answer to the homeless mothers prayers” than why do you think He’ll help you be more joyful and strong.

I guess in a nutshell what I’m asking is what thoughts can I use to replace when I all of a sudden stop praying for something for me, even good things like patience and joy, when I remember God didn’t help those kids yet (how my mind thinks) so why do I think He should help me while they’re out there cold and hungry.

Please, I know it sounds strange but maybe I explained it poorly,hoping someone can understand and offer any help. Thank you .

(I volunteer to help at food banks in case anyone says I need to, not sure why I felt the need to say that sorry but I do my best to help others)


Do you say the Divine Mercy chaplet? Try immersing yourself in the Divine Mercy every day, praying “Jesus I trust in you.” Entrust to Him your petition and work to build trust that way that He will answer you if it is for the best for you. He is a loving God and can give you what you ask as well as provide liberally for homeless people: you, too, are His beloved child!


No i don’t, i’ve been very very stressed lately and sad, I even got a bit upset at my baby because i’ve been overwhelmed… Unbelievable but I notice Im emotionally immature. Who gets upset at a baby because they’re hard work. No one.
I keep asking Jesusfor help and to make me a happy mom and as childish as it sounds, He hasn’t yet and trust me I’ve prayed and tried on my own as much as I can. I don’t even know how to do more but apparently it’s not enough even if it’s the same prayer for years.

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We should pray for ourselves and for others. At the same time God do help others through human actions. You helps others - I volunteer to help at food banks.
Thought that you shouldn’t pray for yourself and your family because others are struggling is trap because behind those words sometimes can be hidden fake humility. I faced exactly same thoughts as you but with different theme and I was later told it is fake humility. So, don’t fall into trap!
If you do everything to help others and you pray for yourself that is great.

We cannot do anything without God and we have to seek help because He is only source of all goodness. Every person in world is in need, maybe in different forms but nobody can live without God’s help.

By working in a food bank you are actually an extended hand of God. Unfortunately we cannot help everyone (and that can hurt alot) but we can help someone.

Don’t worry and ask graces. You can ask 100 graces for yourself and others at the same time if you wish. God isn’t limited.
I was taught: “The more you ask, the more you get from God”.



thank you, i don’t know what fake humility is, it sounds like someone who is pretending to be humble but I am being very sincere.

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GK Chesterton wrote about something vaguely related:

If I were in charge of a baby (like Dr. Johnson in that tower of vision), and if the baby was ill through having eaten the soap, I might possibly send for a doctor. I might be calling him away from much more serious cases, from the bedsides of babies whose diet had been far more deadly; but I should be justified. I could not be expected to know enough about his other patients to be obliged (or even entitled) to sacrifice to them the baby for whom I was primarily and directly responsible.

You are primarily responsible for praying for your family. God is responsible for sorting out the priorities.

In addition, you can also pray for those outside your primary responsibility, adding a line or two to your prayers.


thank you, that’s very helpful

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Just because your needs aren’t dire doesn’t mean you have no needs at all.

You’re not making God mad by asking Him. We’re supposed to ask Him, to talk to Him, and yes, return thanks in all things :slightly_smiling_face:


No, I don’t say you are, I say it can sometimes be the case and we can be fooled by it. It can prevent us in asking for things that we need. It can be hidden even behind sincerity and don’t have to come intentionally.
I didn’t pretend to be humble either when I had it. I thought that my thoughts are right but reality is that I am in need and that I have to ask graces from God even if my neighbour is in bigger need. Neighbour’s need doesn’t exclude my need.
Same as you and everyone else.
It is normal to ask help for yourself.

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I would still say take time for prayer: the Rosary every day and, again, the Divine Mercy chaplet if you can. Our Lady was a Mother and knew all about the stress of motherhood. Entrust your cares to her, and be confident she will help you. Pray for inner peace. She can’t help answering such a prayer if you really strive to ask her in full confidence that you will receive it.
I will say a prayer for you. The best thing you can do for your baby is work on being less stressed and at peace in your spirit.

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thank you .

Every parent I have ever met on the face of the earth.

You are HUMAN, and you are a precious child of God. God wants you to pray, when you can’t do anything else, pray the Our Father and think about the words.


Pray for homeless families. They can use all our prayers.

Many many parents do. Babies are hard work.
Have you got someone you can talk to, or some support with your baby?


Because God’s mercy exceeds His justice.
Just pray and say: Lord, grant us what you will, as much as you will, when you will.


Dont look at the negative.
God is giving them a roof.
In His Mercy by the will of others who put them there

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The foundation of prayer is what you think about God, or, what you think that he thinks of you. God doesn’t take away love from homeless people in order to have enough to give to you. He has infinite love just for you. And he has infinite love for the homeless woman. And he doesn’t love out of obligation. I have come to believe that God really truly likes us a whole lot, in addition to loving us. He likes spending time with you, he likes listening to your prayers, he likes giving you things. He’s crazy about you.

It has also helped me to remember that God is omnipresent. That means he is fully present everywhere all at once. So you always have his full attention all the time. He never takes his eyes off you. He never stops thinking about you. It’s incredible when you think about it this way, that we have the full attention of the God of the universe all the time. It is truly as if each of us is his absolute favorite. That’s a great place to pray from.

When I remember these things about God - his infinite love for me personally and his constant attention - prayer is so much more enjoyable.


Well, when we pray we say, “Thy Will be done”. If God’s Will is different, then we expect it to go differently than what we ask. When you see others suffering, perhaps God is using this suffering, say, to get others to pray for them, to grow the Faith and purify the love of those suffering, etc as they embrace their own cross, getting closer and closer to Jesus. What may seem a curse may be seen a blessing by the spiritual person.
So, pray for these people, but also pray otherwise, say, for certain virtues, etc. God works all things together for the good for those who love Him. He already knows our desires and needs. But by praying, we grow in our relationship with Him and admit we need His help, or, in other words, we grow in humility and put God first, as we always should (may He help us with such!). So pray and don’t worry.


I think this happens to all of us from time to time especially during prayer. Your thoughts could be one of a few things depending on a few factors. It may be just that families that are homeless is of great concern to you and sits on your thoughts. If your are not thinking of these thoughts and they are somewhat no of God then you may be having some diabolical interference that is leading you to question why bother to pray.

I would like to think that in Gods eyes, good or naughty - we no matter what position we are in we are still special in our own way and worthy to ask for spiritual guidance, happiness and strength in our lives. Adding prayers for xyz is just as important in Gods eyes. Any thoughts to arise stating not to pray for xyz in not of God.

Ask Our Lord and Our Lady 'Are these thoughts, is of you Lord Jesus? If these thoughts are not of you then please remove these thoughts that opposes Your Word and I ask for your protection from these thoughts (you can add precious blood or something else that you prefer).

If these thoughts persist, then ask in prayer to Our Lord what does he want ‘me’ to do? Ask him to show you the way.

If the thoughts dissipate straight away then you will know that it is not of the Lord.

I think Theresa you do a lot of good works, this is something I would like to do at the beginning next year. Hopefully my health will improve enough to manage one evening a week. Our community has a couple of different Christian denominations that have linked together and have developed in hall serving full course dinner meals for those in need. I know that some of my clients attend and they really enjoy the food and the company.


This excellent thought of The Holy Trinity’s reminded me of something I heard on the radio that really impressed me, altho I can’t quote it: who wants you to have the thought?

Is it leading you closer to God and holy actions or away from Him and discouraging you from holy actions?

I would suggest praying for help with these thoughts in the way THT suggests, but end by thanking and praising God for what He has given you. Thank Him that you have a roof over your head, that you do not need to worry about where your children’s next meal is coming from, etc.

Also remember that if the thoughts go away when you start doing that, they may return in another guise. Be alert to the thoughts you have during prayer and their effect on you, and repeat this formula when necessary.


Remember the story of St Catherine Laboure. When Mary appeared to her and showed her the images for the miraculous medal, not all of the rays of light coming from Mary reached the world. When asked why, her response was that those were the graces people forget to ask for. God has so much more He can give us than we ask for. Asking doesn’t guarantee that we’ll receive what we want, when we want, and in the way we want it. But it also doesn’t take from anyone else as there is more than enough to go around.

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