"Why should I let you into heaven?"


If you died today, and God asked you this question, what would your answer be?


“Because You promised that if I wanted to be with You I could.”

Sure can’t claim any merit on my own, only God’s grace and promise.

Actually, I’m kind of hoping that someone will distract St. Peter at the gate so I can slip under the fence while nobody is looking. :o


Because your son died for me.


“Eh, you probably shouldn’t.”


You shouldn’t, but it’s for you to look at what my life has been and decide. I only know that I will accept any pain necessary to have my attached ugliness ripped from me, as I love you as love itself and will hold that love for eternity regardless of where I go by what I deserve.



Because I love you and I trust in your grace - its all I have.


wow - great answers


“You shouldn’t, but I hope you would anyway. You know all things. You know that I love you.”


This one caught my eye because that very question is what Protestants are told to ask Roman Catholics. :shrug: I am a convert from Fundamentalism, and that theology states in part that one can know for sure that he is heaven bound if he has asked Jesus to be his personal Lord and Saviour. It is a lead in to the proclamation of the eternal security, aka once saved always saved discussion.


Any god that needs to outsource executive decisions like this to a finite creature is not a god worth spending an eternity with.


Sheila - I may have misunderstood your post my my question is not a lead in. I too am a convert - I was a devout protestant for 15 years or so. I was in Anglican seminary before I converted in 2005. My goal here is hear how other Catholics answer this question. However, I am not asking for a hypothetical answer, but a personal one - i.e. What you really believe you should say if you were to be asked.


“For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, please, have mercy on me and on the whole world.”


Quite true! :slight_smile:

But we understand why He’d ask such a thing. It’s not to influence Him. It’s to make our “finite critter” minds think.

God is actually asking us this question, via Lifeisawesome, to remind us of the important parts of our earthly existence WHILE WE’RE STILL HERE to do something with it.

Ain’t God cool, for being so subtle? :slight_smile:



RAWB - that answer struck something deep inside of me - thank you for the reminder of that prayer…


I am not worthy of even being in existence, as such a vile creature is not worthy of being in you. But, oh God, Lord King of Hosts, however terrible your Justice is, your Mercy give you more glory. And so since all eternity, you had your burning desire to create that perfect mirror of your Mercy. And even more, you wanted to come and become like us, as to demonstrate your infinite love. Your Son, died and rose, giving Him in more ways, the rights of conquest, for He defeated Death and more. But, this make our sins so much worst. How after having such a great Redemption, so painful and costly, could we again crucify you?
Your Mercy and Justice are one, and Justice must be done. Your fury is ready to engulf this world of sin. You sent your Mother in Fatima to warn us, yet we sin with greater evil. In my digust with my very self I call for your Justice, albeit I am crushed in it.

But I still know that you wish my salvation. That even your Justice is the other side of your Mercy, as even bringing death to an unconverting soul saves it from greater punishments of Hell. So, unworthy as I am, I dare not look at you and fall before your feet, but rather to Her who is the perfect mirror of your Mercy.

Oh Mother, am I no longer your son? Can I rip the effects of the baptismal waters? Is my sin so great it towers over your mercy?
No, it can’t. Not even the angels can measure it. So, since I dear not present myself before the Great Judge, I beg you to present me as your son. Your suplications are omnipotent. Ask and you shall receive. He who saw your tears at the Cross could not deny you anything. Could you bare to see me in that horrid prison called Hell? Could you bare to hate me, and I hate your Loving Son? Oh Mother, if I could at least still love you in Hell, it would not be so bad. If anything, don’t ever let me stop loving Him.
And thus, oh Mother! here is your son before you to present me to your Son. I have nothing to offer, my hands are not only empty but soiled in my iniquity. But your gaze is to pure to not infuse the purity I was baptized with and more. Your love is to great to not make this swamp a mirror of it. I am your slave, your son and soldier. I ran away from you, I disobeyed you, I rose against you.
But now I see, that your serene eyes are inescapable, and that your voice always rang in my heart, and that nothing I could do could repel your mercy if at the end a cry I made to you.


Because I want to live, Lord. And there is no Life… without You. :heart:


Because you died for me and rose for me. There is no other reason.


Lord have mercy on me a sinner.


Because you are my love and I have been longing for you all my life.
You know my desire and my thirst for you, Lord.


If by this the question means, on what basis are men redeemed - ultimately, because it is His gracious Will to do this. We cannot get “behind of” God’s ways: that’s because He is God & we are not :slight_smile: So reason is no help here; it falls short, as it cannot avoid doing. So He looks capricious when He is not capricious :frowning:

God saves, because He wants to - to ask why He wants to, is to ask an impossible question. God is not man, so we cannot “decant” God into our tiny minds: as well might one expect a flea to comprehend the inner of Life of God.

IMO, the question bristles with impossibilities anyway :cool:

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