Why should I pay taxes to a government that gives money to abortion?

I know Jesus said the whole, “give unto Ceasar” thing, but why should I pay for something I disagree with (abortions). Would I be in the right as far as the church goes if I decided not to pay my federal taxes since they are being used for abortions? I honestly wouldn’t care if I went to jail. Peter and Paul and countless other Saints were sent to jail, so I really don’t care.

Mennonites don’t want to pay taxes because of their support for wars. We all have to do things we don’t agree with.

That’s your choice, basically. The Vatican is never going to require it of you, but if your conscience compels you to, then that’s it. Bona fortuna.

Thats stupid. Isn’t that the whole point of why were fighting the President against the HHS mandate. With that kind of attitude we might as well not be Catholic anymore. What makes taxes different than the HHS mandate?

The HHS mandate is not a tax. It is a requirement for employers with 50 or more employees to provide contraception coverage in their health plan. BTW, The US government does not pay for abortions except for when the life of the mother is in jeopardy.

BTW, The US government does not pay for abortions except for when the life of the mother is in jeopardy

…which matters exactly nothing to this discussion, since abortions are never permissible. If someone wants to deal in exceptions, next door down is Episcopalianism.

BTW Crish1975, the Catholic Cafeteria is closing. Either accept what the church gives or leave. I’m tired of all these cafeterias who come up with all these acceptions. It’s black and white. Abortion is always wrong. So our government is wrong. So therefore why should I pay federal taxes. BTW I will still pay my taxes, but I won’t be happy about it


Lord have mercy on this nation!

America needs Fatima!

Then don’t pay your taxes. It doesn’t matter to me.

Or when they give money to planned parenthood for “mammograms” wink wink nudge nudge

God save America!!!

You were so gun-ho in your first post and have no problems in telling people to go find another religion …what happened?:shrug:

Pronouncements of faith are easy to type out, more challenging to live out!

This is not a slam, BTW, of you personally . This is an observation of how difficult and challenging it is to live out our faith – and not to make bold pronouncements of what actions someone will do to defend their faith if they are not prepared to follow through and live with the consequences of these actions.

Ceaser of Jesus time probably also used some of the taxes to pay for intrinsically evil tasks, among them paying the soldiers and officials carrying out the crucification.

And later christians paid taxes for Caesars, who murdered them.

So the bar for not paying taxes seems to be pretty high.

Besides paying taxes is itself not evil. For example the politicians making up your government might tonight all have a revelation that they should not act against God. Allegedly this has happened before:

Therefore the taxes you pay today might not end up paying for abortion.

Your objection to Crish’s post is not in accordance Catholic teaching, nor is it in accordance with natural law. The Church accepts the death of a fetus as a possible bi-product of an operation intended to save a mother’s life.


That’s a rather uncharitable remark to make towards a poster who said nothing that isn’t in accordance with Catholic teaching and Natural Law.

I noted a couple of things as I read through this thread which I will seek to address briefly. My comments are, of course, my own view on the matters and all are free to accept or reject them.

You said that, “The US government does not pay for abortions except for when the life of the mother is in jeopardy.”
This may be technically true, but the U.S. Government DOES fund Planned Parenthood which is one of the largest abortion providers (directly or indirectly) in the country is it not? So we can certainly question why our government - which is perennially strapped for cash - should be funding such an organization in the first place.

You wonder why you should pay taxes when, “they are being used for abortions”. This is a fair question. Perhaps the answer lies in how one looks at it.
Are YOUR tax dollars being used to fund abortions? The federal government is funding huge numbers of projects, groups, the military, and so forth - so much so that they are spending more than they take in. Maybe YOUR tax dollars are being used to fund repairs to the federal highway system. :smiley: I know that this is maybe a naive way to look at it but it can offer some perspective.

I note that you were rather abrupt in your response above, referring to “Cafeteria” Catholics and they should either accept Church teaching or get out.
If we apply this same attitude to the political arena, we have something that sounds like the old slogan, “America - Love it or Leave it”.
The truth is that In both cases, our faith or out country, it is necessary to accept certain thing that we either don’t personally agree with or don’t understand or wish was done differently or with people who do sinful things. In short, we have to deal with things that are troubling to us. We do the best we can in each case.

Finally - in answer to the proposal in your OP. As I said earlier, it is a fair question, but one must consider carefully what they hope to accomplish by a given act of civil disobedience. Obviously the loss of your taxes, or the cost of your prosecution and incarceration will have no real effect on the government pocketbook or policy. Of course if a large number (many many thousands) were to participate in such a revolt the effect might be more profound. But overall, can we say that this would be a good way to go about changing policy? I suspect that it is probably not.

Of course, if one is not looking at the bigger picture, and simply makes the decision on personal conviction…then as mentioned above, the Church will neither support or condemn the person.


Well, when it comes down to it, I couldn’t go to jail just because it would put me and my family in dire straits. If I was on my own. I wouldn’t pay those taxes. And I still think people should just find another religion if they can’t accept all church teachings. Seriously, if you don’t agree, either change or leave. I hope you (not you coachdennis, i mean metaphorically) though I would hope most people change

This very question was raised on the CA Live radio program yesterday. The paying of taxes which go to the provision of abortions is a material cooperation in evil, not a formal cooperation in evil. In addition, there are sub-categories within material cooperation in evil: active and passive, immediate and mediate, remote and proximate. Paying taxes is not a sin, even if they go for abortions. It is material cooperation, passive, mediate, remote.

Now, the HHS mandate is over the line which the Church cannot and will not cross, which forces the Church to formally cooperate in evil by directly purchasing abortion-inducing drugs, contraception, and sterilizations.

Here’s a general outline on the principles of cooperation in evil: thegiftoflife.info/PrinciplesOfCooperationInEvil.htm

This is wrong. The U.S. government since President Obama’s Day One in office funds unrestricted abortions throughout the world. In addition, the U.S. government gives tons of money to abortion providers, such as Planned Parenthood, which in effect subsidize the abortions they commit.

As for the HHS mandate, yes, it is not a tax, but a requirement of the Federal government that the Catholic Church formally and actively cooperate in evil.

This kind of response is uncalled for. The poster was just stating facts, he/she was not stating her /his position on abortion. I am sure the poster does not have control over taxes.

To an outside observer, it would appear that you are willing to fund the murder of children simply because opposing it (by withholding your taxes) might inconvenience your family?

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