Why should we pray to Mary and the saints?


I have small question about Mary and Saint Jude. I have come to the knowledge that in Catholicism, it is sometimes customary to pray to Saint Jude or Mary. My simple question is this: why? I read a blog post that seems to defend the idea that praying to Mary, for example, is justifiable Biblically by use of indirect verses. For example, several verses were used to support the idea that those in heaven can still very well see what is going on earth, and that some of those in heaven may intercede for some on earth. While this may be true, this still seems off to me.

Jesus Christ, God the son, is the one who died and rose again for our salvation and is the one that, through faith in him, allows us to go to heaven and know the father (and of course, the Holy Spirit, the third part of the Trinity, lives in us). That said, I don’t really see any reason why we would have to go through Mary or St. Jude in order to talk to God, if in fact he already knows us, is omnipresent, and is living in us. While true that we often ask other people to pray for us, and in fact Paul asks us to pray for all the saints, those prayers are supposed to be to God are they not?

I understand that God chose Mary as the human mother Christ, and that is indeed worthy of honor, but why would that translate into praying to a person instead of God? If I understand correctly, Jesus says that we can pray to our Father in heaven directly, and he does not say to pray to other saints.

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