Why should women not be ordained priests, doctrine asicde?

I would appreciate the use of logical arguments and not quotes from any doctrine. Just reasoned, logical arguments on why preventing women from becoming priests is the right course of action…
Thank you.

There is no other reason. Dogma says that women cannot validly receive Holy Orders.

Doctrine aside? :confused:

The reason women are not ordained is because it is Doctrine that only Males may receive it and only Males may act in the person of Christ.

Everything they said. Plus, if God wanted female priests, Mary would have been a prime candidate, no?

It’s impossible to separate this question from Church doctrine since it takes Church doctrine to decide on the question.

Why doesn’t the Empire State Building fly off into outer space, gravity aside?


I think the OP is wondering WHY that is Church doctrine as in the reasoning behind the doctrine.

The reasons why have been given in the Church’s decision of “no” to the question of women and ordination. The real issue is that people who think that women’s ‘ordination’ is possible don’t care about the reasons. They only care that they want what they want and aren’t getting it. The Church can say “no” and give the reasons a thousand times, and the question will still be asked again.

Recommended reading:
Ordinatio Sacerdotalis (May 22, 1994)


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