Why shouldn't taking care of God's Earth/creation be a moral issue?

Abortion, gay marriage, and once in a blue moon even poverty is considered a moral issue.

My question is, why is environmental protection a moral issue? Why should we rely on the secular liberal hippies of the world to protect God’s creation? Shouldn’t we take it upon ourselves to do what we can to prevent further destruction from our gif from the Father?

I think extreme levels of industrial pollution in our air, water, and ground is immoral.

What do you think?

The Vatican agrees.

Catholic Tree Huggers Unite!!!

I’m on board

If I feel something in my Heart ~ it IS a moral issue. Taking ‘dominion’ over the earth has always been a moral issue in my opinion.

Some Christians believe that God’s promise to Noah means that the concept of radical climate change is nonsense.

To them I say this - GOD promised never to destroy the Earth. HUMANS did not. And it is HUMANS causing this change. :shrug:

Recycle and protect the water, air and soil from contamination. God gave humanity the natural resources of the planet - to husband their use and to protect them for the future.

It is undeniable that we are to be good stewards of the earth. However I doubt seriously that this means putting the earth above the needs of it’s inhabitants. What good does it do to deny people what was put here for us to use if it means keeping them enslaved in poverty? Global warming is at best an untested theory, at worst an attempt to gain control over the economy by a select few radical elite. We don’t even know if there is climate change and if there is, is it “radical”? The reports put out by “scientists” who only receive more funding if they reach the conclusion that the government that payed for the research in the first place wants can hardly be impartial. And to shield that research from unbiased peer review is criminal. There are earth friendly ways to use any of the readily available fuels to allow humans to live above a poverty level (wind and solar will never be large scale solutions) while protecting the earth. As the previous poster said: Recycle and protect the earth from pollution - this doesn’t mean turning the economy and how we live our lives over to an elite few. Otherwise we’ll be back in caves but unable to use fires because they contribute too much “carbon” into the atmosphere.

Absolutely correct. Cap and Tax humanity into poverty as the Obama administration wants. Drive up gas, heating oil and electrical cooling prices to the point that it collapses every independent service business and eventually - Capitalism.

Don’t forget that there is a political motive to criticise global warming theories.

USA is the greatest fuel-guzelling giant in the world. Any suggestion that high fuel consumption could lead to someone like destroying the world as we know it is certainly something some very rich, influential people want to disprove.

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I think you meant to ask, why isn’t enviornmental protection a moral issue?
Based on your conclusion statement.

Secular liberal hippies are not the only people who have taken this issue seriously for a long time. It’s good to know you feel it’s time for people to get involved and stop benefiting from other’s hard work and sacrifices made in order to achieve that goal without contributing to it. Talk about getting a hand out! Especially from those godless secular hippie types. No more handouts to right wing religious types.

I think that it IS a moral issue. I think that God gave us dominion over the environment, which, to me, sounds like He is saying “TAKE CARE OF THIS!” And, obviously, I think that we are doing a very poor job at that right now. :frowning: And that will come back to bite us… or our grandchildren!!

and also has the strictest environmental regulations.

The Top 10 worst polluted places in the world are:

  1. Chernobyl, Ukraine
  2. Dzerzhinsk, Russia
  3. Haina, Dominican Republic
  4. Kabwe, Zambia
  5. La Oroya, Peru
  6. Linfen, China
  7. Maiuu Suu, Kyrgyzstan
  8. Norilsk, Russia
  9. Ranipet, India
  10. Rudnaya Pristan/Dalnegorsk, Russia

Why is the USA such a huge fuel guzzler? because we produce most of the world’s stuff.

  1. USA $14,260,000 trillion
  2. China $ 8,789,000 trillion
  3. Japan $ 4,137,000 trillion
  4. India $ 3,560,000 trillion
  5. Germany $ 2,811,000 trillion
  6. UK $ 2,149,000 trillion
  7. Russia $ 2,116,000 trillion
  8. France $ 2,110,000 trillion
  9. Brazil $ 2,025,000 trillion
  10. Italy   	$ 1,760,000 trillion 	 

It takes energy to make all that stuff. And we do it cleaner and more efficiently as you can see by the most polluted sites list. Actually if you take Europe as a whole they out produce everyone.

If the US stopped purchasing foreign oil, global economies would collapse unless China went into overtime to pick up the slack.

But I’m all for us going back to using real horsepower. Already have my pony and cart! :thumbsup:

So why then does it seem that, when it comes to the voting booth, abortion and gay marriage are considered the only moral issues?

Abortion is certainly an important moral issue, but it isn’t the only important moral issue.

I think we should demand more of our politicians who claim to be Christian.

The facts are out.All leading scientists agree that global warming is taking place.There isn;t some agenda that has to be satisfied.What exactly to do is not a consensus though.

Even if global warming isn’t taking place (although I have little doubt that it is) I still don’t understand why we as Christians have failed to make the environment an important issue.

It’s a perfect moral issue.

And it should begin with the person’s own self-examination of their attachments to things. Their consumption. Their desire for endless comfort. Their desire for more.

And by their incredibly quiet spirit of poverty, and their humility, perhaps a few people nearby them may notice and may begin their own self-examination.

Where this focus goes off the rails is with “activism”, brow-beating others…or pushing from high levels of government for reform. It all becomes an indirect environmentalism.

The Church properly knows that it’s a moral issue…and it’s a personal issue.

When we finish refining our own desires and behavior to such a state of perfection AND HUMILITY, then maybe others will take notice.

But there should be no self-promotion, and browbeating.

People are still misunderstanding global warming with climate change I see.

These forums are very instructive!

Do you suggest that we should treat the sin of polluting the envitonment as we do the sin of abortion?

Surely you do not suggest these two to be on par with each other, do you?

What are you listing there? It looks like mostly national spending. I know for fact that US does not produce the most oil in the world (the actually even come behind their Northern neighbours). I was also sure that China was higher in production that the US (which has become a much more white collar country).


Homiletics and Pastoral Review Magazine had a great article by Dr. Christopher J. Thompson titled “From Conservation to Consecration: Toward a Green Thomism” about why Catholicism is best equipped for stewardship of the Earth.

***Those of us with a more modern attitude toward the created order might find in his address a romantic, even quaint, zeal for the simpler life that more sophisticated Catholics ought to politely (and politically) dismiss. Such rhetoric, we might suggest these days, is best left for the “tree huggers,” the “granola types,” as well as their “lefty” friends. After all, don’t thoughtful Catholics know better than to embrace the fads of such environmental sentiments?

But such a dismissal of all things “green” would be a mistake, and ultimately inconsistent with some of our most fundamental Catholic convictions. Indeed, among all of the Christian communities, and among all religions ever, Catholicism is best equipped to enter into the conversations about environmental stewardship; to hold at arm’s length what appears to be a “liberal thing” would betray a fundamental ignorance of our own tradition, and may perhaps lead to tragically missing opportunities for evangelization.***



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