Why single, unmarried, childless adults are important to family life


Right. I also notice that peopleclike to list and enumerate the wrong reaaons to get married. Okay, but what is, or what are the right reasons to get married then?

The fact of the matter is, marriage has been aeound forver. Even pagans understand what marriage is for, primarily for the perpetuation of the family line. Modern day people, even orthodox Catholics get mad when they hear this. They will start ranting, saying what about those who are sterile, or those that do not want children? Wanting to have children is a wrong reason to get married, blah blah blah. Methinks they are probably just bitter, jealous, or lacking in good will.



Wanting to have children may not be a main reason for boys to get married,but for girls it is definitely one .Almost all normal girls love have a baby of their own to give the tender care and get the experience of the love and affection of an innocent child born and fed out of their own body blood and soul.


Wow, way to overgeneralize and throw the “normal” label around while you’re doing it.

We’d be doing everybody a favor if we banned the word “normal” from this forum.

It is not abnormal to not want to have children; it simply means you should not marry, and should seek another path in life. There are many reasons why someone would not want to have a child, including health reasons and not feeling called to that state of life.


In my humble view I don’t consider it as normal if a girl don’t want to have a child of her own or don’t want to have sex with a male because that is the fundamental way in they are created by God.Due to various circumstances they may have on their own ,or by compulsion sacrificed and suppressed this natural urge but then I was not speaking about such girls…


I’m glad you clarified that this is your opinion only. In my humble view it’s offensive.

Mother Angelica stated that she had no desire for a husband, sex, or children of her own. No doubt this was due in large part to her own dysfunctional upbringing, and perhaps also her wish to give her life to Jesus, which she was obviously called to do. I suppose you’d put her down as “abnormal”. I’m also sure she’s not the only person called to religious life who felt that way (for example, all those consecrated virgins who refused to marry, sometimes even being killed for the refusal)…and then we have those saints who had Josephite marriages, I suppose you think they are abnormal.

Have a nice day


And now you use an abbreviation for taking the Lord’s name in vain on this forum? SMH…

Time for me to mute this thread…


You should not feel upset when one say that something is abnormal. Abnormal is not a sin, moreover the wisdom of God is considered as an anomaly for the common people, it is a biblical truth. So when we are abnormal, it can be a sign of great holiness


“Abnormal” in the English language when referring to sexuality-related things is considered a negative or derogatory term. It carries that connotation for most other things too.

if one wanted to just point out that some people were different, it would be better to say “different”.


Ok I understand the nuance. Thank you


I don’t think for me being gay is “abnormal.” Seeing as how there are a lot of other people in my position I think I have to agree with Tis on this. I think using abnormal would rub some LGBT Catholics quite the wrong way.


This example is a little different. Being naturally attracted to an unnatural act is not in the orderly standard of salvation, in which case it may well be said that, it is an abnormal character, not just a different character in such a way that, if it’s possible to change that character, we would do it, otherwise we would commit a sin.


Oh… some terrible misunderstanding.I never used the word abnormal nor did I say that some are sexually abnormal.I said that normal girls want to have a child of their own and also sex with males.It is a bare fact whether one admit it or not.Nothing offensive or derogatory in that.On the other hand had I said the reverse- that is nirmal girls don’t want have a child or sex with man,it might have been offensive or derogatory.


I’m not attracted to the act of having sex with someone of the same sex. I’m attracted to people of the same sex. The only thing is that I choose to not act upon it. I would be precise in your words with how you approach that issue.


You did not say the word, abnormal, but you did say that it was not normal for a girl to not want to have sex or have a baby. Not normal means abnormal.


Sigh, you replied to my post, but it seems people got offended with it. Some people just choose to be offended. Shrugs


I am single, unmarried, and childless and want to know how it feels to be “important”.


In what way do you want to feel important?


Exhausting… Wife, five children, parents, siblings, Father and the Church…

Besides your already important to someone.


Needed. Appreciated. Loved.


Then, go do something important. Seek out something that your community needs done and then do it.

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