Why so many abortions?


We keep thinking that RVW is the reason for so many abortions today. Are there other factors we dont think about? Why is it that it takes two incomes to maintain a household? The first 10 reasons deal with working issues.


That is for the most part a lifestyle choice.


Not factual, The average price of a home including inflation from 1984 is about 10 times that of the average salary in 1984 is was about twice. There are other items that increased more than inflation for example medical care and education. There are also lots of things where items are cheaper today than in 1970 after taking inflation into account. The things are are cheaper tend to be those thing where the free market competition forces companies to keep prices cheaper than in the past. But where competition is limited those prices have sky rockets. So for most families they need to incomes to survive.


A partial reason to this might be the trend of millennials to prefer living in cities and are turning their backs on the suburbs. City living is more expensive and many young couples (or singles) are barely making ends meet what with higher rents and more expensive necessities of life. Add to the that massive student debt these young people are carrying, and is it any reason why they feel they can’t afford kids just now?


No, it pretty much takes two incomes to live in most major metropolitan areas.

Places where people used to be able to live in one income are losing people to the point where only a few can make a living so everyone else goes on welfare or leaves.


The main and number one reason women have abortions is that they have sex with men when not ready to have a baby.


Ok … But the key drivers of low birth rates is not abortion, especially considering the rate and number of abortions have been on the decline.

Heck, a third said they do not have a partner with which to have a child. As I look around at my peers and older, I see that most of them did not have a stable relationship during their mid 20s or 30s.


It’s also worth noting the article says absolutely nothing about abortion.

That in part is going to depend on where you live. Child care can be expensive though. There are also situations in which it financially more affordable for there to be someone that doesn’t work and takes care of the kids. This was the case in my family when I was growing up. But on the other hand if I were to have a child it is more financially advantageous for both my wife and I to continue to work while paying for child care. Both my wife and I also purchased houses quite some years ago. To purchase the same houses now would be significantly more expensive.

I live in a suburb and commute to a city for work. At least for my environment I wouldn’t call it “turning one’s back.” The jobs that pay more are generally going to be in a city. Depending on one’s profession there might not be an opportunity to work outside of a city. Traffic density has increased significantly and a drive that would have taken 30-45 minutes 10 years ago takes 1 to 2 hours now. Spending 2 to 4 hours a day in a car is a pretty significant chunk of one’s day. The public transportation options range from being about the same time length to even longer depending on what direction that someone is coming from. The longer time spent in commute does have a potential financial impact for families in that it could increase the need for child care and less time spent with the family; that’s a quality of life impact.


I think an under appreciated aspect is a lack of suitable partners. I myself am married, but there seems to be a lot of people between 22 & 40 who are single or are not in a serious long term relationship. Perhaps there was a promising serious relationship in the past that failed or for most, none.


All of these consequences were prophesied in one of the most unbelievable text “Humane Vitae”. The sexual revolution brought on by the wide usage of contraception’s. Most men in our culture are Cads with the maturity level of a teenager. The women are better but not by much.


What solution do you propose?

We are rapidly approaching a time in which having children and even the relationships that create them are viewed as risks to career, autonomy, and well-being.


I don’t have one! I believe only God can sort this out now. The cultural shift and the destruction of the nuclear family is beyond saving.


I think trends like these we will see global populating stabilize in a few decades then decline. As for systems that require perpetual growth like SS and the general economy? Those will endure some pain then be readjusted.

Perhaps it is time for a reduced population.


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