Why so many gay couples in tv shows?


So I was watching this tv show called Voltron (kids tv show!) and I’m annoyed at it. One of the main characters (he is male) at the very end of the tv show (like 5 seconds before the credits roll and the last episode of the last season) was shown gettin married to another male! I was so annoyed with it. I loved the show, but that kind of ruined it for me. Sorry, but I was just so annoyed with it! I was even in a little shock right after. I’m actually a bit sad now since I liked the show so much. How do you guys think I should go about the show?



Personally, I’d just ignore it. I see gay couples in TV shows and books a lot now, and although it upsets me, I also remember that that’s just our current culture. The secular world is trying to normalize it, so of course it has to be inserted into all forms of media to make it seem normal to consumers everywhere. I’d have to get rid of TV altogether to get away from it.

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Maybe, but they were shown kissing and I just was so annoyed, sad, and a bit angry about it. I don’t really think I can get over it. At least, not right now😅. I definitely don’t support the couple (obviously) but seeing the other main characters support the couple also made me annoyed/sad.

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Looks like it is time to block this show from your life.



Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.



If you think it’s best to shut the show out, then you don’t even need to ask us. Do what is on your conscience.

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These two characters right?



No. The one on the left is gay and marries another guy. The one on the right (Keith) is discussed but it’s hinted that he might one day get with one of the alien women from his mom’s race.

What really is the sad thing is that the show was rated TV-Y7

Meaning, we can’t even trust that around our kids without watching everything first. :frowning:

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Would it have been a problem if he kissed and/or married a woman?



Its a problem when children are being indoctrinated by those pushing the homosexual agenda.



I think you should write the producers of the show and complain. If enough Catholics did this, television’s decision makers would have to take our voices in consideration.



What would be wrong with a man marrying a woman? I don’t understand.



The poster was just messing with you.
Ignore him.



This has been in a lots of kids cartoons and sit coms for a while

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Nothing is wrong with it. My point is that popular media seems to be influenced by the views and norms of society. Perhaps, instead of pushing “the homosexual agenda” the writers do not see the big issue.

I question if it’s an attempt to push something vs it just being another fact of life for the writers.



So how many gay couples are in TV shows? Because as. Percentage of couples on TV shows I’m positive the number is less than the percentage of people who are in fact gay.

Gay people exist. They’re part of our world. Their stories are as valid and dramatic as any other. I really don’t understand this boogieman. Does Vikings push a Norse pagan agenda? Or House push a crotchety old man agenda? I’m pretty sure Sweeny Todd wasn’t written to normalize murderous barbers.



If you think being homosexual is the “norm” in todays society I’d certainly suggest you check that word out in the dictionary, since something is wrong with your view on that word.

That ‘community’ has been well over-represented in media, being shoehorned in countless times to the point where it is being turned into a cliche. The ‘token gay couple’ just to tick off some quota, false diversity due to how evident they are in media.

At least that’s my own opinion on the matter, I could provide statistics if you want further confirmation on how it isn’t the ‘norm’.

-With the kindest regards, James.



I’m positive that you’re wrong (if you include shows, let’s say, 2010 onward).

They are disproportionately active in TV shows because the writers are white coastal millionaires that have a specific agenda.



Really? You think so?

I look at an average sitcom and see what… Maybe a dozen or so couples (extras who are clearly couples included, straight characters trying to date, meet people, etc.). I don’t know if there’s some sort of formula we would agree on about how many couples are on TV. But I don’t see the math to support the claim. Even if EVERY show on TV had a gay couple the hetero couples would vastly outnumber them. And as I said…

When it’s not nearly 2 am I’ll look at some analytics and see if I can find a count for some stats.

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It’s hard to find an exact number. If you include bisexuality, the number of LGBT people is a pretty significant percentage.

In terms of actually being in a stable relationship (which on propaganda TV, they almost always are), it’s a small fraction of that.

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