Why so many gay couples in tv shows?


That’s not true. Countries throughout the world still censor. In fact I don’t know of a country that doesn’t censor some content. Some countries censor very heavily. The idea that we have a liberal culture that allows all ideas is a lie told specifically to keep Christians from trying to censor what is morally offensive in Christianity.


Anyone else remember the good ol’ days…back in the 50’s - 60’s when movies and TV were all about entertainment…no nudity and sex scenes…no cursing and blaspheming…no blood and guts…no pushing “lifestyle” agendas…


School segregation…lots of states banning interracial marriage…ah, yes, the “good old days.”

I know that’s not what you meant, but just trying to point out that idealizing any particular era is tricky at best.


Yes and I prefer those shows. At that time, they had to follow the Hays code, from 1930’s until about 1968. The code was written by a Jesuit Catholic priest, a Catholic layman, several other people and a man named Will H.Hays.

It was later replaced with the MPAA film rating system and now most do not even follow that. Be very careful of anything that says, “this movie is not yet rated”.

There is good and bad in every era. Nothing wrong with bringing the good things from the past into the present.


I agree, but there are some posters (cough cough) who will tell you that the 1950s were the absolute peak of human civilization with no flaws whatsoever.


Yep…you’re right that some things were downright wrong back then…I was comparing entertainment back then and what it was to now…I know some will say it didn’t represent real life …but hey…it wasn’t supposed to…it was entertainment…made us feel good…nothing like Roy Rogers rounding up the bad guys was there…or the Beaver getting into trouble…lol


There were definitely flaws at that time but it was a time when family life was highly encouraged and (at least in America, I can’t speak for other countries) church attendance was extremely high. Did people sin during that time, yes, definitely.

I have worked with elderly people for 30 years and have listened to many of their stories of growing up, their life and what the time was like before the mid 1960’s and there is one common phrase I have heard all this time when talking about the way things are today and that is: “it’s a different world”.


Agree. Also, alot of entertainment back then tried to teach moral lessons or encourage good morality. That is definitely not something seen today on television.


I don’t get your point. The poster was talking about media portrayals. No one, save maybe for modernists, think that there are no evils in their time. Simply because there may have been evils at that time doesn’t mean the media wasn’t better then. We live in the age of widespread child murder and yet that doesn’t mean everything from our time is bad.


Really? Maybe they will reveal themselves here since you are so sure they exist.


There’s a 50% overrepresentation, I’d say it’s intentional.

3% actual homosexual, etc. (Which can be seen across national lines through real studies as opposed to the discredited pedophile Kinsey often cited at 10%)
5% in movies *edit


Maybe they will. Last time I named someone directly I got suspended, so I wont, but I promise you I’ve had a very regular poster make that argument to me.


Yes. Very well put.


They want equal footing; they want the same level of authority as men. If you look at most societal structures, you’ll see they haven’t achieved that yet.


Why is anything on TV? For entertainment. TV was never meant to be some sort of moral teaching tool (although it can used for this). Humans have always needed to tell stories and explore the human experience through drama whether that be sitting round a village campfire or going to Star Trek conventions. Gay people are a visible part of modern life and as such are represented on tv too, seems fairly straightforward to me.


On a Catholic forum, you will get the Catholic answer. Same-sex couples on TV is not entertainment. From the GLAAD site:

Our Work

Leading the conversation. Shaping the media narrative. Changing the culture. That’s how GLAAD accelerates acceptance for LGBTQ people.


Moral relativism does not help anybody. There is right and wrong.


Lust is wrong. It degrades people and refuses them their human dignity.


Well I’m a Catholic and I mean generally tv is there to entertain people is it not? We all have different things that we find entertaining. I would hope that I can form my own views on what I find entertaining and can separate that from moral and ethical issues or else I should probably not be watching it.


As Catholics, we can never separate TV and movies from morals and ethics. The secular world would have us believe that a scene showing an unmarried heterosexual couple in bed is no big deal. It is. Especially for those who have forgotten that showing a bad example, even on TV, is a big deal. The same with same-sex couples.

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