Why so many gay couples in tv shows?


Sure, as long as the difference doesn’t extend to the notion of authority being solely the province of men, or women’s roles being restricted to subservience.


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When the Honeymooners would end every episode with threats of domestic violence


You haven’t watched the Honeymooners then. Ralph and Alice would end an episode with a hug and an implied kiss. “To the moon, Alice!” Alice gave him the brush off every time.


That’s not true. Not every show ended with a ‘threat of violence’. And the ‘threat’ was always a joke. It was obviously not serious and violence wasn’t shown. The Simpsons and other modern shows show what could be called actual child abuse.

Also, you could complain about fat shaming and all sorts of other things from that show. What it shows me is that people back then weren’t so tightly wound.


I’ll add Family Guy to the list.


It is not an extreme example, it was a very common phrase in the 60’s and 70’s and into the 80’s. It is not heard as much today.

Check out photos and videos of the Women’s March. You don’t have to meet them personally. Watch shows of the 70’s, such as Maude. Even Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons had their feminist movement episodes.

I have heard what they said for many years. IMHO because feminism has become so big, the wording has changed and much of it’s ideals have been accepted by society, we don’t think about or don’t look at where it started nor do we want to look at the damage that it has done.

That is probably one of the big things that bothers women. Authority. I agree that authority shouldn’t be the sole province of men but in feminism, it is about throwing off any authority from men. It may not be something that happens on a day to day basis but it is the goal.

Gloria Steinman through the ages:
“be the man you wanted to marry”
“some of us are becoming the man we wanted to marry”
“we have become the men we wanted to marry”

yes, women’s roles should not be restricted to “subservience” but we also need to realize where there is authority, accept it and follow. Just as Christ obeyed the Father.


The television has an off button. It is not an ubiquitous presence.

Maybe I’m misreading some replies but I think priorities may be somewhat different if this was being discussed in countries where a television is a luxury item.


I agree with everything you said. The 1970s were described by radicals as “second wave feminism.” And yes, starting in the 1970s, references to feminist ideas were acted out, arguments for it were scripted in. Divorce was scripted in, along with dysfunctional families. Instead of being and portraying the best we could be - meaning the best, not perfect - TV began a long slide into the gutter and depravity.


Yes, you are right, that is exactly what happened.

A good example of how feminists were not just seeking equality but wanted to see the roles change, is the sitcom, “Whose the Boss?”. Woman big executive, man the housekeeper.

Even todays commercials for cleaning products have gone pretty much men doing the cleaning and the women coming home from work.

That’s not equality.


If you disagree with what’s on the tv don’t watch those shows. There are countries where they control what media you see and those aren’t places you would want to live


People back then literally lost their mind and protested because black people started joining white people in schools.


And what does that have to do with gay couples in TV shows?


People today kill their babies by the millions, divorce, and have open same sex relationships.


Agreed. Again, as long as there’s not some inherent requirement that authority belongs only to men.


How is that not equality?


Women have had leadership roles going back into the Old Testament times but there are places where the authority of a particular role does belong only to a man and a woman can not fill it.


I’m talking about the workplace, for example. In your previous comment, you made it sound as if there’s something wrong with a woman being an executive and a man being a housekeeper.


There is nothing wrong with either of those roles but the point of that show, as well as with many other shows and commercials since about 1968, is not an equality of men and women but of women taking over the jobs that men held and then putting the man in the role of housekeeper. This also showed the attitude that women had and spread toward being wives and homemakers. An attitude of that role being so low and mindless, let’s give it to men. That is seen in a good majority of commercials today, smart women and mindless men. I have to turn away from those commercials, turn down the volume or something. They’re just mean.

If feminists really cared about equality, they would stand by conservative women also, because many of them also hold high or executive positions but feminists do not want anything to do with them.


We are seeing the nadir of civilization, surpassing the sexual license of ancient Rome and the child sacrifices to Moloch. And we’re seeing it on a far greater scale.
Maran atha. Time for the reaping and the judgment.

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