Why so many gay couples in tv shows?


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This happens with any hot button issue. In the 70’s when One Day at a Time came out, people (like my mother) were upset because the storyline was about a divorced mom…it helped normalize divorce. Hollywood is trying to normalize the gay lifestyle.


Starting in 1970, normalizing dysfunctional families confused people. Instead of depicting the best we could be, Hollywood decided it was time to depict the opposite. Soon, sexual (heterosexual) perversion would appear more and more. These are trends I follow that show a clear, purposeful goal: “roll in the mud with us.” I’m a sinner and I don’t need Hollywood’s help.


I agree and if you go back in time with Hollywood you find that many movies starting from the 1930s were pushing divorce and extramarital affairs. They had to cool it for awhile due to the Hayes code but, yes in 1970s divorce was really pushed and now, yes, they are pushing the gay lifestyle.


Hollywood also had to deal with The Legion of Decency.


You know what else Hollywood listens to (for the most part)? Money. Studios specifically have a few things they do or don’t do not cause of ideology but money. If it doesn’t sell they stop doing it.


Not happening in your local district yet? Give it time…


Try a Boolean search.



Nope…and to be hones, not worried about it, even with more time.

Nah, I’d rather the data be provided.


From the GLSEN site:

Championing LGBTQ issues in K-12 education since 1990


They did absilutely no such thing. They lived as married couples - with babies - and (shock horror) kissed in front of their children at every age. Andi they kissed in the street. And in the park. In front of their own and other peoples children of every age. Without a trigger warning or explanatory lecture beforehand.

And worse - I saw many a surreptitious flirty pat or pinch on the backside or the like among the married couples I knew as a child.

And they took their children as babes in arms to weddings wher- shock horror - they witnessed kissing as well. Oh the humanity!


Sins that cry out to heaven! Hint : hetero sex ain’t one of them…


None of which is immoral.


Much ado about not much? Superhero shows are presenting gay and lesbian characters. Those involved should reconsider what they’re doing.

When I was in Catholic High School, the boys and girls knew what was going on. We were taught about relationships and dating. The nuns even took us to the gym, paired us up, and taught us to dance - where we held each other. Today, relationships - real relationships - are rare. Living together happens but the outcomes are not good. They certainly aren’t marriage prep because either person can leave at any time. And sex education? That useless - for doing good - social engineering experiment failed. We are in a 3 year long STD epidemic in the US according to the CDC.


How do you suppose Jews and Muslims handle their kids being exposed to people blissfully eating pork chops? Serious question, should we ban the portrayal of those things because according to some religious beliefs they are immoral?



Isn’t seeing a husband and wife kissing not immoral compared to a homosexual couple or even an adulterous couple kissing?. I have no problem seeing a married couples kiss in public nor is it a problem with my kids seeing a married couple kiss in public. There is a problem with my kids being exposed to homosexual activities.


Really? The Bible is full of graphic portrayals of sinful behaviour. Many of which are not overtly labelled as or pronounced to be such. God seems, in some cases, to expect people to figure it out for themselves.

A prudent parent teaches their child right from wrong.from their youngest days so that they can figure things out for thmselves when needed.


In case y’all hadn’t noticed, I was responding to a previous poster who said children should only be exposed to heterosexual (not homosexual) weddings when they were old enough to understand and had been talked to. Of course I don’t and didn’t agree with that view.

And I don’t see why exactly the same approach - talk to the kid when they’re old enough - can’t happen for homosexual behaviour as it does for every other issue such as death, taxes, crime, divorce and remarriage and so on.

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