Why so many gay couples in tv shows?


The origin of Same-Sex Attraction is not fully known. Acting out gay and lesbian behavior on TV confuses young people.

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GLSEN doesn’t have anything to do with curriculum though, they’re an advocacy group.


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Is there anything from any actual new sources on this. The best that I could find was a article from 2018 that this is sounds to still be stuck in court and it’s stuck on HIV/AIDS prevention.



What? The article about California?



I agree that the inclusion of gay marriage into movies, tv shows, advertisements etc. Is projecting this ideology into mainline society.

To answer why this is occuring is because they want to normalize this behaviour, which is not good as it creates a conflict in the faithfuls understanding of marriage

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That’s all I’m saying.



Yep, to get the full article I need to go to Freerepublic…which is a conservationism (it’s fighting advocacy with advocacy I guess) site…I tried to search it and nothing.



Is that because you homeschool, or have a plan on teaching your kids as it comes up or it is something that doesn’t bother you?



Eh, probably has it comes up. I just know I’m not worried about the sexualization of kids in curriculum. Being around schools so much (across multiple districts, public and perocial), I haven’t really observed the issue, or really any beginnings of it.

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Hmm interesting. It’s very popular in our schools. Curriculum, clubs, dances, relationships, teachers, on and on.



Acceptance of homosexuality is way, way, way down the list of things sexualizing kids in media and popular culture.



There are shows from the 80s that were pushing homosexuality. I’m pretty sure it’s not way down the list.

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What I mean is that if you’re worried about the sexualization of kids, your priorities are off if you’re mainly focused on homosexuality. Have you been to a middle school or high school dance at a public school recently? Gay or lesbians kids are probably among the least sexual kids at those kinds of events.

I think people make a mistake of tying homosexuality too closely to actual sexual activity. A girl can be attracted to girls and consider that a part of her identity without being sexually active at all. In fact most of the time from what I have heard gay kids are sexually active later than heterosexual kids for a number of reasons.

Stuff like American Pie and a lot of other media is constantly telling heterosexual kids that they have to have sex before graduating highschool or else they’ll be losers in college. I’d be a lot more worried about that.



I wouldn’t be surprised if we have different definitions of sexualization either.

I’m sure some people in this thread would say the Brady Bunch or My Two Dads were over the top.



My two dads – it’s not what it sounds like…:rofl:



No…but neither guy knew who the biological father was.

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Oh, well, that’s not so great either, is it! :rofl:
Now let’s see, I’m such a Puritan, what could I be objecting to in the Brady Bunch…think, think, think…



It is true those are issues to address with our children and ourselves but all issues can and should be addressed.
The Brady Bunch? Not sure what you mean

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