Why so many gay couples in tv shows?


Why? And why so much more so for a woman?

I actually hate all that “Miss or Mrs”? I have been known to say “why do you need to know if I’m married? Are you thinking of asking me out?” But I normally just say neither, and when they sneer “Ms?” I like to go “no, Dr”.

It’s also part of the expectation that we will change our name to our husband’s name when / if we marry; as though we are the property of our husband. I don’t have a problem with a woman changing her name when she marries, if she so chooses (there are obvious advantages to whole families sharing a name afterall). But I don’t see any reason why the husband shouldn’t change his name.



For a fairly obvious reason.



There’s no evidence of that. The opposite is true.


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Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber. From Veggie Tales.



I think the image of Bob and Larry chased away certain people…:joy:

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yes, but not a good one, independence.



We live in a fallen world that loves to glamorize sin and perversion. As for whether or not you can watch the show, that is really up to you. If you believe that watching the show would either lead into sin or to accept the sins of others, then you should stay away. If not, you’re all good to watch it.



Such relativism is not a good answer. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong for everybody.



That’s not relativism. What the show is portraying is WRONG. No two ways around it. But if the show does not cause the OP to sin, then there is nothing wrong with watching it. Watching the show is not a sin, but if it were a near occasion of sin, then it should be avoided. Near occasions of sin are different for everybody. Even THE EUCHARIST can be a near occasion of sin. If what was wrong for one person was wrong for everyone, no one would be able to do anything.



“Even THE EUCHARIST can be a near occasion of sin. If what was wrong for one person was wrong for everyone, no one would be able to do anything.”

More relativism. No one would watch that TV show. Otherwise, they could still walk, talk, eat, etc. The most Precious Body and Blood can be a near occasion of what? And I’m talking about Church Biblical teaching, not just one person.



The Eucharist can be a near occasion of sin if someone with doubts in the real presence goes up to receive. To receive while not believing in the real presence would be a grave sin. Therefor, the Eucharist would be a near occasion of sin for that person. A better example of a near occasion of sin would be goingout to a restaurant. Going out to eat is not sinful in and of itself, but it can sure be a near occasion of sin for someone struggling with the grave sin of gluttony. Rather than stay home where it is easier to eat healthily and monitor what you eat, that person will then be put in an environment with large quantities of unhealthy food. That person could then be led into sin by that temptation. If you are still going to try to tell me that what I am describing is relativism, then you are either ignorant, stupid, or a liar.



What right does the network have deciding when for the parents?



1st Amendment.

I asked this before, but how do you think American Muslims and Jews teach their kids that eating Pork is wrong? Do they demand that all media conform to their religious opinion? You realize that the belief that homosexuality is immoral is now a minority view in America, right?

Assuming you’re American as the show is American. If you live elsewhere then dont watch shows from countries whose morality differs from your own.



Again, what right do they have to decide for the parent?

The amendment says nothing of parenting.



Doesn’t matter how many claim immoral to be moral, it does not make it so.

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This is a Catholic board.
Religious bans on pork by other religions is irrelevant to Catholic morality.



The first amendment says they can say whatever they want. You cant just outsource your responsibility to parent your kids onto other people then get mad when they dont tell your kids what you want them to hear.



Irrelevant to the question of what you should expect from secular media.


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