Why so many gay couples in tv shows?


But, as I said, they’re trying to sell their products.

I wouldn’t expect them to leave money on the table and not sell their products.

If they said, “we don’t agree with gays,” “we think they’re sinners,” or anything like that, gays would just go to their competitors.



This is still “gay couple marketing” along with a product – any product.



No, those companies would be boycotted and attacked in nasty public smear campaigns waged by the extreme, albeit small but incredibly vocal, faction of the LGBTQ community.

Remember the Chick Fil A controversy? The owner professed to believe marriage was between a man and a woman, and he was made out to be a hateful bigot.

But to get back on topic: Widespread acceptance of the LGBTQ lifestyle and same-sex marriage has been largely influenced by public campaigns in which individuals and companies are told ‘If you not agree, you are a bigot.’ Look at the 180 degree positions on this among politicians in the last 15 years.

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Because there is a market to sell to and they are a business



I think this way overestimates the effect of “you’re a bigot if you disagree” tactics, which I think are counterproductive. I think most people changed their mind because moderate gay people started coming out more and provided a lot of good examples of good peaceful gay citizens. And Americans I think are very open to the argument that “everyone should have the same rights and have freedom”, it’s kind of the American ideal.

Politicians just changed their mind when public approval crossed near or over 50%. Because they are politicians who go where the winds blow.

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I agree with the second part, politicians will pretty much do and say anything for a vote.

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Do you believe there was some right heterosexual people enjoyed that homosexual people were denied?

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Yeah the right to marry.

You say “but they did have the right to marry… someone of the opposite gender! Haha!”

Sort of like saying black people had the same right as white people to marry someone of the same race back when interracial marriage was illegal.

The majority of the American people have found that argument spurious and dumb weighed against human happiness and freedom.

Also heterosexual married couples could move to any state and have their marriage recognized, but legally married gay couples could not do so, even though the Constitution mandates that legally valid contracts in one state should be recognized by any state.



And not just that, but the right to go to their school or workplace and not be harassed.

Yes, it did happen. Even today they still get fired from their jobs in some states.



Heterosexual people did not have the right to marry the same gender.

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They do now. Because Americans like equal rights.



And besides, that’s hardly the point.

We have opposite-sex attraction; we don’t want to marry the same gender.

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You said in a previous comment that interracial marriage and same-sex marriage were not the same thing. I often see this comparison made.

Do you remember the North Carolina ‘bathroom bill’ controversy a few years ago? Charlotte passed a city ordinance that allowed people to use the bathroom of whatever sex they ‘identified’ as. The state legislature passed HB2, which effectively nullified that ordinance. And the country went crazy. Calls abounded for boycotting the state, PayPal famously pulled plans to open an office in Charlotte, etc.

I recall a heated speech by a local black leader who was angry with the LGBTQ activists for hijacking the civil rights movement, comparing the ‘right to use whatever bathroom you want’ to the fights against seregation in the South. ‘I don’t recall any of you on the back of the bus with me in 1965’ he said (paraphrased).

My point: it’s not the same thing: It shouldn’t be the compared to interracial marriage.



Irrelevant anyway because this argument has been had and has been lost in the public square. Even most catholics think gay marriage should be legal. So the question is why do you expect that advertisers should disagree with most Amercians?

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That is not an equal right.
It is an exclusive right.

The difference here is there was no right at all denied anyone. Instead we have a new right made up specifically for a minority group.



It begs the question: what is marriage?

If your definition is ‘a contract between two people who love eachother’ fine, you win.
But if love is the sole qualifier, polygamy should be legal, too. And the relationship shouldn’t be relegated solely to two humans: why not allow a man to marry his golden retriever?

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So are we to base rights on what is wanted instead of on what were bestowed by God?

How long then before all rights become meaningless in the face of popular demand?



How is it an exclusive right?



Church teaching is not a popularity contest.



‘Even most Catholics support it’

Yes, I think you are correct. And most Catholics support contraceptive use and all sorts of practices that are gravely sinful.

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