Why so many gays?


It has always been a mystery to me, why the explosion in numbers of gays, say after WWII. Yes there were always a few people with sexual identity problems in history but simply nothing like now. This has happened mainly in the West (Europe & USA), whereas in Africa, with few plastic products, gays are practically unknown.

This report may be part of the answer: Plastics

A study, by the University of Rochester in New York State, found that two types of phthalate – DEHP and DBP – were strongly linked with the more feminine play in the boys but had no impact on girls. Those exposed to high doses in the womb are less willing to join “rough and tumble” games and are less likely to play with “male” toys such as cars.

Researchers tested urine samples from mothers in the 28th week of pregnancy for traces of phthalates, chemicals which can mimic the female sex hormone oestrogen. The women, who gave birth to 74 boys and 71 girls were contacted again when their children were aged between four and seven and were asked about their personalities, the toys they played with and the activities they liked.

Boys with higher doses were less likely to play with cars, trains and guns and preferred “gender neutral” activities, according to the research published in the International Journal of Andrology. *The research adds to growing evidence that hormone-disrupting chemicals in thousands of household products are interfering with the development of children. *

Although the plastics industry says phthalates are safe, the EU has banned many of them from cosmetics, teething rings and children’s toys. However, pregnant women are still exposed to the chemicals, which are used to soften plastics, in household items such as plastic furniture, shoes and PVC flooring.


I think a simpler answer is that in modern society gays aren’t persecuted as they were in the past. Times were when being openly gay could mean death, still does in some places in the world.

How many openly gay people are there in Iran or Saudi Arabia today? They have plenty of plastics.


Based on my personal experiences, I have no idea what this has to do with gays. I know two gay males very well, and about another five reasonably well, and I am married to someone with medically-documented sky-high testosterone levels.

None of my gay colleagues have “feminine” tendencies (whatever that means …unless you think caring about how other people feel and being kind to them is not manly) and are definitely 100% male. At the same time my “testosterone-poisoned” spouse is absolutely useless at mathematics, is a talented creative writer (i.e. into “humanities” subjects) and has always had zip zilch zero nada interest in any of the allegedly “male” interests such as “rough and tumble” games - to him they are as foreign as a Tupperware- or make-up party would be to me! I suppose that makes us both gay. :rolleyes:


ok so that covers … 9 people. I think that the point the OP was making is that certain chemicals may have effects on some young children, or children in the womb. Which we all know is true.

Now what the OP is talking about with plastics, I’ve never heard before, and we dont know if its true or not, but, with research who knows…just a possiblity, or food for thought…

I absolutely believe its ‘nuture’ over nature when it comes to homosexuality…wether its something we introduce to them as children in the womb, things they might be exposed to as young children, who knows…but instead of throwing out ideas because you know 9 people that dont fit the profile, doesnt mean they shouldnt be considered and researched.


and BTW none of those things would make you or anyone ‘gay’, since you seem to be confused. committing homosexual acts with someone of the same sex would.


I have not seen anything that convinces me there are any more homosexuals now than there were before WWII. It might only seem so, since “coming out of the closet” is now deemed to be the thing to do. Also, homosexual organizations have a lot of political clout, which would also make it seem there are more of them than perhaps there are.

I’m not persuaded by any of these “chemistry” arguments. But it does seem to me that affirmation of “homosexuality” even to children, could result in some who might have sexual identity problems concluding that they’re “inherently gay”. Exposure to and affirmation of any perversion might reasonably be expected to have that result.



There were probably just as many then as there are now. Now, however, the odds of someone beating you to death for admitting it are a little less likely (but not entirely gone.)


*I agree with flyingfish, that it is largely due to people ‘‘coming out’’ moreso than in the past, where it was kept a secret.

I think that when we got away from objective Truth in our society, too, that is also part of the issue. We seem to live in a very subjective, relativism society, where ‘‘anything goes,’’ as long as the person ‘‘is happy.’’ Homosexuality isn’t the only issue on the table, and became more prevalent due to the ‘‘sexual revolution.’’ Heterosexuals sleeping around, increase of cohabitation, abortion, rapidly soaring divorce rates, …it’s all part and parcel of the diminishing of following one obejective Truth in our society. God is being pushed out of the public square more and more…when that happens, we become a society that accepts immorality, and equate it to morality. Those who try to help those see a better way, are dubbed as judgemental and immoral. When evil is looked at as good, and good is looked at as evil, that is what changes a society for the worse. It’s not only the reason for the seemingly ‘‘rise’’ of homosexuality though–it’s the cause of the decay of morality in general. When morality no longer has one specific definition, but it becomes what I want it to be in my own life, then we have anarchy, before long.*


For years we all denied tobacco could cause lung cancer; now most accept this as true.
No one really knows the long-term effects of plastics on our society. If these plastics do ‘feminize’ boys then it seems logically to infer that such boys will be be attracted to girlish pursuits, including finding males more attractive than females.

I have met many many men who hate being ‘gay’, try to suppress it but still are attracted to other men. They know this isn’t a rational decision or choice but they are being driven by their ‘chemistry’. Something is definitely mixed-up in their composition. If not the human species would have gone extinct a long time ago.



You know, I always hear the "you could have been beaten or killed if you’d spoken up years ago’ handle (and it isn’t just used for being gay).

But strangely enough I seldom hear a speculation that is just as reasonable. . .You could have tried to overcome the tendency. IOW. . .rather than ‘celebrate’ your feelings as being ‘normal and natural’, you might–in those ‘unenlightened times’ when moral absolutes were accepted more than today–have attempted to overcome this tendency–or indeed, other tendencies looked on as moral wrongs.

Imagine–instead of bleating that you ‘can’t help your nature’ whether it is for being gay, promiscuous, alcoholic, spouse/child beating, incestuous, greedy, gluttonous, habitual liar, etc. . .you actually might have striven to overcome those faults by prayer, and penance, and substitution of moral ‘goods’. The kind of things that we do ‘nowadays’ in things like cognitive or behavioral therapy with ‘aversion’ therapy and ‘positive reinforcement’, except then it was considered trying to live a ‘normal’ life and God was an essential part of that normal life. .


There have been studies done that have shown boys conceived while their mothers were taking birth control have brain development very similar to girls due to a very high estrogen exposure during the first few critical weeks.


I entirely disagree with this. Do you think that it’s okay for heterosexuals to get married simply because they’re born that way? There is an objective goodness to the union of a man and woman that does not depend on innate genetic desires. If two men were born with genes that somehow made it impossible for them to not be sexually attracted to men, it would still NOT be okay for them to get married. The requirement for marriage is not “I have an instinctual desire to have sex with this person.”

God did not make us slaves to our DNA. He gave us free will. Even if homosexuality were genetic, it does not change the morality of it. I have Y-chromosomes in my body that make me have physical attractions for women, but that doesn’t make it okay for me to watch porn.

And besides, what is a “psychological mis-wiring” other than chemicals not doing what they’re supposed to in the brain?


*I think Charlotte is in agreement with you, actually. She pretty much is saying what you are, that we still have free will, despite all things considered. *


yeah, im just not that articulate :o


lol, no you are Charlotte. :wink: Don’t sell yourself short. :slight_smile:



I don’t think there’s a such thing as a “gay” person. I think it’s just a sin that some people struggle with. But I doubt homosexuality has anything to do with masculinity. I saw this one gay dude on HGTV that could beat the snot out of me!!!
Gay people aren’t all the same. I think there are more gays now because it’s more open and mainstream. And there’s no shame in it, anymore. Same thing for pornography and casual sex. People just aren’t ashamed of their sins anymore.:frowning:


You missed my point completely.

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