Why sometimes our prayers are not answered; what Saint Gertrude learned

This is in “The Life and Revelations of Saint Gertrude.”

“O God… whence comes it that my prayers so often remain without effect?” Our Lord replied, ‘If a queen desires her servant to give her some thread, which she supposes, because she is unable to see behind, is hanging from her left shoulder, and finds it at her right, does he not equally fulfill her intention, if he hands it to her from the place he finds it in, as if were from the place she supposed it to be? So also, if in my inscrutable wisdom I do not hear your prayers exactly as you desire, I do so in a manner more useful for you, though human frailty prevents you from seeing this.’
(from chapter xxx in “The Life and Revelations of Saint Gertrude,” (The Newman Press,1949), p. 211.


Love it. God is much, much wiser than us.


I disagree. All of our prayers are answered. Sometimes the answer is”no”.


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