Why such fight for abortion?

I cannot understand this… Why such big part of humanity, lets call it the “modern world”, fights for the “right” to abortion? Why now? Heck, even I am using this word: “right” intuitively, since everyone claims it’s “basic human right”.

There’s something wrong happening here. I mean, just look at those numbers: http://www.numberofabortions.com

The world is doomed for righteous punishment even if half of those numbers are true. This is like rush to bring people to hell (we can only imagine how many of those mothers — and fathers and doctors and other people who supported them — didn’t seek for Reconciliation, nor even believed that they did anything wrong).

It’s like the Eve who took the Forbidden Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and passed it to Adam who agreed with her immediately. No hesitation from him. Because who will oppose the woman who want to commit abortion? — it’s “her body and her life”, she knows better. She took the Fruit of Knowledge. And Adam was away! — he wasn’t even with her while she was being tempted by Serpent! She would’ve never been approached by the Satan if her mighty husband would be with her. Yet, when Adam appears back he agrees with her wholeheartedly, falling as hard as her.

How we’re gonna explain it to God at the Judgement?


God knows I have been fighting against this evil most of my life. Abortion is murder.


Pray, pray, pray! For God’s mercy who is Jesus to help us and have mercy on us all!


Humans have always supported sinful things for personal convenience. Abortion is just the most extreme answer.

Abortion is convenient for politicians and elites because it mitigates their alledged “overpopulation” and mantains smaller families, which exert less influence on individuals than the State or corporations.

Abortion is convenient for persons who had an “accident” while having casual sex; or for husbands and parent who force their wifes and daughters to end the pregnancy.

There are of course people who honestly believe abortion is right, but I think that in every case, it begins with personal convenience, and is only later reinforced with arguments until the belief in abortion is ingrained in the mind, and the person can finally claim to be “honestly” believing in abortion.


The main reason is that it gives people an easy out from the undesired consequences of their actions. Furthermore, making it legal makes it more available and reduces the shame, guilt, and risk of punishment or injury/ death that used to be associated with doing it illegally.


When abortion first became legalized in the US, the pro-abort activist groups did a tremendous amount of propaganda, there were ugly pictures published of women who had hemorrhage’s from botched abortions, they swore up and down that “every child born would be a wanted child”, that rates of abuse and poverty and divorce would go down.

And they painted the anti abortion side as cruel and uneducated and Catholic and all sorts of mean, nasty things.

Also, we didn’t know as much about embryonic development, so the narrative of the embryo being a “formless blob of tissue” seemed at least plausible.

Plus it arose in a time that all morals were being questioned , so it was a perfect storm for these atrocities to start.


My theory is more mystical or theological but is based on observation.

Many times when a culture or religion worships the elements through animism and holds to pantheistic ideologies this paganistic mind set leads to human sacrifice in either a literal ritual or through justifying the means to an end.

Abortion even the the now legal euthanasia of fully born infants in New York State is justified because it’s good for the environment.

We need less people on the planet so abortion is justified in some peoples minds on that basis.


The devil.


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