Why sue Arizona and not Missouri?

Why sue Arizona and not Missouri?

In a visit with Ecuadorian officials Secretary of State Hillary Clinton let slip that the Obama Administration intends to sue the state of Arizona over recently passed immigration laws. While Hillary’s speaking out of turn may have forced the Administration’s hand, a Justice Department spokesman confirmed that the DOJ was building a case against Arizona and would likely bring suit in the near future.

There is one puzzling aspect to this, though; if they thought this violated the Constitution, why didn’t the Administration protest when Missouri did what Arizona is now doing?

Over the last five years Missouri has systematically put in place the provisions recently enacted by Arizona. If Arizona’s laws are so draconian and, as Michael Posner told the Chinese, are a detestable violation of human rights, why didn’t the DOJ begin crafting a legal challenge to the Show-Me State?

Missouri laws are quite similar to those of Arizona, and they preceeded the Grand Canyon State’s law.


Because Arizona most glaringly illustrates the absolute failure and unwillingness of the US government to deal with the issue of a wide-open border. I say bring it on, can’t think of anything better as fodder to defeat the Dem’s in November and beyond.

Shhhhhhhhh! :wink:

So, not just Obama is criticizing the US while abroad.

Because Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill is from Missouri?

No! Because McCain is from Arizona!

(We’ll show him!) <-It’s the bully effect.

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This is retribution, Chicago style.

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