Why Texas Bans the Sale of Tesla Cars


“This happens all the time,” said Bill Wolters, the president of the Texas Automobile Dealers Association. “Someone wants an exception to the franchise laws. If we made an exception for everybody that showed up in the legislature, before long the integrity of the entire franchise system is in peril.”

Integrity of the franchise system? Am I missing something? All I see is irony that in a business friendly state this particular special interest group wants the state government to protect them from competition.

Quite frankly I will never again buy from a traditional dealership. I have found a place or two that operates with a sales staff on salary with no commission. I will not have anything to do with a commission sales dealership.

I never thought I wanted an electric car, but now I am going to seriously look at this car next year out of sheer cussedness.

They just got a fantastic safety rating from NHTSA, too:

Tesla Motors Co.’s Model S received the highest safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, according to the Palo Alto., Calif., electric vehicle startup.

Just 1 percent of all models tested receive five stars in all tests, Tesla said.

For the side pole intrusion test, it was the only car rated “good” among the top 1 percent of vehicles tested.

The Model S was about 50 percent better at avoiding rollovers than similar vehicles. In roof crush testing — designed to ensure that the roof doesn’t injure a driver or passenger in a rollover — the Model S broke the testing machine.

From The Detroit News: detroitnews.com/article/20130820/AUTO01/308200090#ixzz2cl7YjlSt

And, it’s a nice-looking vehicle, too :thumbsup:


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